First post, so greetings to the ESR community are in order.

To the point of this post, first question: I'm seeking a new mouse for Quake Live and would appreciate knowledgeable guidance on the matter.

I'm currently using a Steelseries Kana(400 cpi & ~23cm/360) along with an Artisan Hayate, and coming from a Razer Naga Hex, I've learned the disadvantages of laser mice in general. I currently have a WMO on order, but am unsure if I've drawn the correct conclusion.

The buttons on the Kana are altogether too stiff, not to mention the LMB and RMB are of varying stiffness, resulting in far too many failed rocket jumps, and as a seperate issue more than once(still seldom seen) my view has snapped straight down and spun in circles.

The WMO is attractive due to its simplicity and strong standing within the community, yet what I truly desire is a mouse with a thumb ledge and ergonomics(right handed), akin to the shape of the Logitech G500 or G700(those particular mice won't suffice due to the laser sensors and/or wireless connectivity), so I ask, does such a shapely mouse exist that posses a sensor that remains solid upon scrutiny from the ESR community?

The second question is easier, I am in the market for the most inexpensive PCI-E 2.0 graphics card capable of locking 125 FPS in Quake Live, trying to resurrect and old gaming PC for my brother and my knowledge of low-end GPUs(especially the AMD side of the matter) is rather limited...