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source for WMO feet (Europe) (13 comments)
Posted by inTheory @ 05:23 CDT, 13 June 2021 - iMsg
It's time to replace the feet on my WMO.
Any tips on where to buy replacements please?

The only offers I have found so far were more expensive than the mouse itself, which is far from ideal.

I also don't mind buying a new WMO, if they are still available somewhere
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Merging arena shooters together? (34 comments)
Posted by inTheory @ 05:44 CDT, 12 April 2015 - iMsg
Recently I came up with the idea to merge different arena fps together: I.e. before match start each player can select a 'class', which resembles the movement, health/armor system and weapons of his favorite game as accurately as possible.

Which game-styles/classes apart from the obvious ones (Quakes, UT, AG) would be interesting?
Is it feasible from a practical/technical point of view? Many fps games use some kind of quake engine anyways, so there should be some 'common ground'?
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Tosspot ... (11 comments)
Posted by inTheory @ 16:36 CDT, 2 October 2014 - iMsg
... makes CS:GO fun to watch.
Hell, he could even make golf or correspondence chess amusing.

That is all.
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