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Grenade Quake 1 sound (15 comments)
Posted by klhertz @ 15:40 CST, 10 February 2013 - iMsg
Just make the possibility to set QUAKE grenade sound in QL, like in CPMA.

Fuck it, I'll by premium just for this grenade sound, its as awesome as quake itself.
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Ingame type problem (2 comments)
Posted by klhertz @ 10:01 CST, 23 December 2012 - iMsg
Hi there,

Recently I encountered a problem I've never heard before.

When I try to type in-game with my native language on, which is cyryllic, quake just writes undefined symbols, and it's normal, cause quake does not have cyrillic support.

But when I switch language to english, I just cant type anything. No symbols appear. Even backspace doesn't work. Even in console. Can't exec cfg / change preferences.

Changing my config to default solves nothing.

Possible solutions?
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Quake 3 / UT2k4 announcer (4 comments)
Posted by klhertz @ 14:46 CDT, 25 August 2012 - iMsg
Whose voice was used to record Q3 or Ut2k4 announcers?

Both this announcers are extremly popular and are used in such shitgames as CS and Dota.

Would be funny to see some videos of this men speaking phrases from the game in real life.

Like this is a famous starcraft battlercruiser voice.
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CooloutAc exposed, lol (88 comments, locked)
Posted by klhertz @ 17:54 CDT, 3 August 2012 - iMsg

Each time you see a pattern of record level stupidity on the Internet you usually think: either this guy is really retarded, or, what is much more likely, it's just a fat troll. However, looks like we have a really retarded troll here.

As you know, this guy blames everyone to be fake/gay/communist/alien etc. Looks like here is the key to that kind of a deviant behavior. Indeed, if I looked like this I would behave myself in a same moron-like way. One can definetely find a virgin in the photo.

So, here he is, the guy that never heard of Heinrich Hertz, who doesnt know where the city of Kiev is and cant spell "kilo" without a mistake.

Wow, listens to rap, not a surprise really:

Party hard:

That's all for now, I'll go and make some 123019873rd gay/fake/phony account to pwn some cooloutac hard :>
Locked by Demiurge at 13:54 CDT, 4 August 2012 - 16322 Hits
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