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razer synopse ? (8 comments)
Posted by ybl @ 19:07 BST, 9 June 2014 - iMsg
my DA updated itself, kinda. so now i have synapse running.

i set dpi @ 1300, here is my question, if i deinstall it, will it go back to default (1800 afaik) ?
is it enough to block it in windows firewall?
ur thoughts plz
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console says im hack (10 comments)
Posted by ybl @ 22:50 BST, 25 May 2014 - iMsg
console says:

HACK: using vertex lightmap approximation

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smoothies (28 comments)
Posted by ybl @ 18:33 BST, 16 May 2014 - iMsg
looking for ideas or receips ..

so, there are smoothies and green smoothies. normal smoothies is what u would expect, fruits like apple, banana, citro-stuff, berrys - all in. green smoothies are made from vegetables like salad, coliflowers of all kind, plus salt and oil. i just did a few of both, and its great! also its very practical to drink food, so the monitor doesnt get dirty. i use some old frenchpress glasspot which can contain 1l or so.
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Edited by ybl at 02:19 BST, 11 May 2014 - 7417 Hits
Eurovision Song contest (94 comments)
Posted by ybl @ 19:42 BST, 8 May 2014 - iMsg
so, anyone watching this? usually some acts are good for a laugh
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queer music (26 comments)
Posted by ybl @ 00:22 BST, 28 April 2014 - iMsg
wats ur favorit gay artist?

[plz dont imbed youtube videos]


kaki king

dominique a

gnarls barkley
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post your config & hud ´14 (54 comments)
Posted by ybl @ 12:36 BST, 8 April 2014 - iMsg
dont wanted to necrobump some 300 comments-thread. everyone edits his or her config and hud from time to time. so, whats new? post it.

Edited by ybl at 13:41 BST, 27 April 2014 - 18233 Hits
Doubler Dice idea (13 comments)
Posted by ybl @ 19:00 GMT, 29 January 2014 - iMsg
still wonder if a doubler dice (DD) could work in duel or tdm.
the DD as used in backgammon is usually used to fasten games up, like player A has 80% win chance, uses DD -> player B rejects, and the next game starts, similar to forfeit in ql

but theres a lot more to it. it is also used to put pressure on the enemy. some examples:
- match best of 7. player A leads 4-1. in the 5th game he gets a bit luck in the beginning and has a winchance of 60%. now he uses DD. player B is now in deep shit. if he rejects, he only loses 1 point, but 40% win chance is pretty OKish @ beginning of a game.
- match bo 7. player A leads 6-1. when the 8th game starts, player B starts with 1 good roll and uses DD (although only having 51% win chance). player A will probably reject this, player B wins 1 match.
- match bo7. Player B has already lost it, uses DD for the

this is, how a DD could work in ql.
- when a Player clicks on DD, the game pauses
- if the other player rejects it, he loses the game
- If a player takes a DD, some stuff happening:
- all major PUs disappear
- the PUs will be activated and back in game, when the Player with DD walks over the spot (f.e. gets 100 health, and mh is back in the game and will spawn in 35 sec)

means, Player who takes DD has +200 free ups, and also the timing. so its a big advantage to make a comeback
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websites to kill time (51 comments)
Posted by ybl @ 13:09 GMT, 13 January 2014 - iMsg
found this on imgur

this 1s neat

this is really cool. much recommend.
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bullet in the face (No comments)
Posted by ybl @ 14:25 GMT, 29 December 2013 - iMsg
kinda funny, but violent though
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set Sensitivity an Accel with cvarAdd (12 comments)
Posted by ybl @ 10:14 GMT, 25 December 2013 - iMsg
this new thong, i do like it a lot! just copy my scripts here:

//===== ACCELERATION =====

bind KP_UPARROW "cvarAdd cl_mouseaccel 0.01 ; print MouseAccel UP"
bind KP_DOWNARROW "cvarAdd cl_mouseaccel -0.01 ; print MouseAccel DOWN"

//===== SENSITIVITY =====

bind UPARROW "cvarAdd sensitivity 0.1 ; print sensitivity UP"
bind DOWNARROW "cvarAdd sensitivity -0.1 ; print sensitivity DOWN"

//===== FOV =====

bind RIGHTARROW "cvarAdd cg_fov 1"
bind LEFTARROW "cvarAdd cg_fov -1"

//===== BRIGHTNESS =====

bind pgup "cvarAdd r_gamma 0.05"
bind pgdn "cvarAdd r_gamma -0.05"

//===== VOLUME =====

bind KP_PLUS "cvarAdd s_volume 0.05 ; print Volume UP"
bind KP_MINUS "cvarAdd s_volume -0.05 ; print Volume DOWN"
seta s_volume 0.1
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darkroom (18 comments)
Posted by ybl @ 15:56 BST, 16 October 2013 - iMsg
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wolfcam help (5 comments)
Posted by ybl @ 19:52 BST, 17 September 2013 - iMsg

these are 3 little sound clips for splatter. i failed to implement them into the q3mme.fx file

gibs starting at line 200. there´s also some "electrogibs", dunno what this is about. whatever, it doesnt work properly.
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flash game (10 comments)
Posted by ybl @ 00:56 BST, 9 August 2013 - iMsg

ur turn, bitches

i recommend to turn off the sound, although the music is cool
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important for mapmakers (3 comments)
Posted by ybl @ 02:57 BST, 2 July 2013 - iMsg
scientists found out, that people prefer round architecture

German article, too lazy to search for engl

so, what if some maps are more liked, just because of this? i had games on deep inside and black cathedral today, the optical difference is enormous. deep inside is a good map, it would probly be much more often played if all the edges where rounded up.
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Corrosion bug (13 comments)
Posted by ybl @ 12:45 BST, 25 June 2013 - iMsg
sometimes there is a fast spinning turbine in corrosion. u can walk through it, but it does a bit of dmg. frankurt server. bugs can be funny, but this is a bit annoying.
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quakecraft (6 comments)
Posted by ybl @ 01:29 BST, 24 April 2013 - iMsg
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name the game (19 comments)
Posted by ybl @ 18:31 GMT, 1 March 2013 - iMsg
there is a term missing so: How to name quake with air-control and instant weapon switch?
(vampiric dmg and infinite ammo not mentioned, because its a CA-thing and you wouldn´t want this in game-modes like duel)

afaik its originally called CPMA (or CPM??). Now we have ruleset PQL, but afaik it only means premium ql and not necessarily special physix and stuff.

so, my ideas so far:

super quake
uber quake
acis or isac quake
mario quake

any ideas more? i want to make a poll, which could be ignored by devs.
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How much is the Ping? (140 comments)
Posted by ybl @ 23:33 GMT, 19 December 2012 - iMsg
How big is the difference between high and low pings? i cant proof, as my minimum ping is around 60. So, how much does it nerf score and accuracy? if this has been discussed im sorry, plz give link. People say 30 Ping would optimal, others say the lower the better. I want to know, "how much" it makes u play worse. its hard to measure this, maybe in CA- score?!
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HUD and config stuff (1 comment)
Posted by ybl @ 22:29 GMT, 30 November 2012 - iMsg
this may be of interest to some people here. maybe not, w.e.
as more and more game modes come up, it becomes impossible to adjust the HUD precisely. so i made a complete new setup and use a different HUD for each gamemode, simply by triggering each element separately. atm i only use 3 game modes, it looks like this here


f.e. there are 2 different scoreboards, as in FFA and RR i want to have the board with names, in other modes only the small and basic one with numbers. Health-colors work differently in CA (color changes @80hp). Sometimes theres a clock, sometimes not. And so on, as needed for the game. This worx nicly so far, much better then before. With triggering the gamemodes manually its also possible to add some cfg-commands like teamoverlay, weaponbar and switchtoempty "0" in CA. Maybe bind mouse5 dropweapon for TDM, and bind mouse5 droppowerup for FT. just some neat stuff that comes in handy

theres also a teamcolor like this that would be used in CTF and Domination:

im not playing other gamemodes like CTF, TDM atm, so i leave this open. the config trigger looks like this:

bind KP_INS "vstr ybl_hud" // 0
seta ybl_hud " vstr ybl_hud_ffa"
seta ybl_hud_ffa " set ybl_teamcolor 0 ; set ybl_health 1 ; set ybl_obit 1 ; set ybl_time 1 ; set ybl_score 1 ; set ybl_playercounter 0 ; cg_weaponbar 3 ; set ybl_hud vstr ybl_hud_ca ; cg_switchtoempty 1 ; loadhud ; print FFA "
seta ybl_hud_ca " set ybl_teamcolor 0 ; set ybl_health 2 ; set ybl_obit 2 ; set ybl_time 0 ; set ybl_score 2 ; set ybl_playercounter 1 ; cg_weaponbar 0 ; set ybl_hud vstr ybl_hud_rr ; cg_switchtoempty 0 ; loadhud ; print CA"
seta ybl_hud_rr " set ybl_teamcolor 0 ; set ybl_health 2 ; set ybl_obit 1 ; set ybl_time 0 ; set ybl_score 1 ; set ybl_playercounter 1 ; cg_weaponbar 0 ; set ybl_hud vstr ybl_hud_ffa ; cg_switchtoempty 0 ; loadhud ; print RR "

heres stuff, not cleaned up, but working:


i made something similar in wolfcam, but not gamemode based, only seperate triggers for each element.
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bad motion sickness (6 comments)
Posted by ybl @ 09:17 GMT, 16 November 2012 - iMsg
wow, as an addicted quake playerer i considered myself immune against this, but 10 min of this awful game made me almost throw off. still feel like shit. >_<
looking for a reason to shut down the pc, try this... not:
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blue vs. red (17 comments)
Posted by ybl @ 22:58 GMT, 6 November 2012 - iMsg
who wins this?
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driver for microsoft mice 3.0 and 1.1 (3 comments)
Posted by ybl @ 01:20 BST, 5 July 2012 - iMsg
as far as i understand this, u install a fake driver, when u overclock the usb-port to 500hz using intellimouse 3.0 or 1.1. i am on win7, and currently having a watermark on my desktop, as its the only workaround for overclocking. win7 is running in demo-modus, or whatever its called.

wouldnt it be nice from microsoft to simply verify this, as these mice run without any problems @ 500hz (afaik its called a signature or so), so we can haz an official driver.

also, i will not move to win8, if i cant use the intelli 3.0 there
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