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Q2 20th Anniversary - Where the F* is this being celebrated? (28 comments)
Posted by Lejionator @ 17:40 CDT, 28 August 2017 - iMsg
I would say that I think the Q2 community is currently one of the MOST APATHET of the whole Quake series, and I like countless number of fans of this game, I am very sad and disappointed. =(

Yes, I can imagine the difficulty that many european q2 top-players have in traveling to the US to participate in a QuakeCon, but comparing what the QW community did yearly in commemoration of the 20 years of Q1 with what it was Done and planned so far for Q2 is something very poor and discouraging. I do not understand why so much apathy, since QW guys did something epic in 2016. Even the Doom 2 community did something very beautiful in "QuakeCon 2013".

Shit, not even the names of the american community are thinking about doing something similar and so little went to QuakeCon this year!!

Damn, this year Q2 will turn 20 years, something great should already be about to be made (or should have been done in QuakeCon) in terms of a great commemorative Lanparty! An event that hosted an epic Duel, TDM (both OpenTDM mod) and CTF (L-Fire, for being a vanilla CTF mod) tournaments!

Is that so? Will 2017, the year that Q2 complete 20 years will be gone blank without even a big event??
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There is backup of ClanBase somewhere? (11 comments)
Posted by Lejionator @ 16:47 CDT, 18 October 2016 - iMsg
Does anyone know if there is a backup of all the content that was in the now defunct site ClanBase?

I was looking for file old demos of Qlive, q3 and ETQW tournaments!
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EDL #13 (European Duel League - Quake2) (3 comments)
Posted by Lejionator @ 04:58 CST, 29 December 2014 - iMsg
Is in progress the legendary european 1v1(duels) open championship of Quake2, the EDL (European Duel League), which is now in its 13th edition in full 2014! This championship is the pinnacle of achievement of all good q2 elite duelist. His 1st edition was in 2004, where the winner was the Swedish Purri, followed by the Finns Syanid(vice) and Damiah(bronze). Are 10 years of EDL!!

The EDL is divided into 4 Divisions(tiers), to separate the experienced players from beginners or less skilled. But the attention it is to Division 1(the elite), which are playing the best q2 players of the world, as the legendary Damiah(4x-champion), the amazing Purri(5x-champion), David(2x winner), pepek, isbjorn and Syanid. But this edition many other great duelists were absent, as Aone, Provi, Scooby, DaHanG(QuakeLive player too), Zorre, Pogo, Ibogine(master aerowalk/q2duel1), Assasin, Maq and UMUSTDIE (Champion of Russian Duel League).

Known players of the Tastyspleen community ( are also in the EDL#13 as MCS_FaderJok0 and adrenal1ne(Div2), Barton(Div3) Hunter247, Golgo13 and Claire(Div4).

- Maplist: q2dm1, ztn2dm2, ztn2dm3, q2duel5, q2rdm2, koldduel1 e ptrip
- Q2Scene:
- EDL:
- More info about EDL rules:
- Demos:

Humbly will indicate the best matches in which I could watch. The group stage, I state the following matches:
- David vs Damiah(great learning "how to play" q2duel5 and AMAZING q2rdm2!)
- PURRI vs Syanid(nice angles-rails in q2dm1 and combat skills in ptrip)
- PURRI vs AiD(nice fast rape by purri)

In the playoffs, I highlight the matches:
- NumaveZi vs PURRI(Really great close games, look q2dm1 and ztn2dm3!)
- pepek vs PURRI(smart strategy and skills! MUST SEE!)

Really GREAT DUEL (pepek vs purri)>
Cited matches(demos):

Hope you like it, because the games are on the high level and very entertaining. There are very exciting games and even funny! Cya :)
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Doom 2014 - New Classic Mechanics (9 comments)
Posted by Lejionator @ 04:03 CDT, 2 August 2014 - iMsg
I found good news about this New Doom. It's a reboot, then is not really "Doom4", it's like Doom 2014, or Doom "alone". What caught my attention was about the gameplay...

The Gameplay Mechanics
More than the setting of the original franchise as we know it we also have a return in classic first person shooter style mechanics that include no reloading and unlimited weapons picked up, as well as health and ammo pickups along with no regenerating health.

Provided this was all present in Doom 3 as well (except for the no reloading part).

Foes can teleport at locations to ambush you, again also present from a range of enemies in Doom 3, and new mechanic additions include alternate fire modes for weapons (at least for the shotgun so far), double jumping and even climbing (if I got that right).

The Gameplay Style
With the above mechanics in mind, it is obvious that they are going for an action paced run and gun title as opposed to the slower and more jump-scare frightening Doom 3, and they are quite open to making a point on this, as executive producer Marty Stratton claimed "Doom is not about taking cover."

Quake 3 Arena styled "no-reloading" might have many pondering over the realism on this game, but honestly realism is the last thing a title like this should be trying to aim at. Not to mention that, for those aching for some realism, no reloading can be expressed into a realistic form as well. As also seen in the Quake Live version of Q3A, weapons do not reload, but the maximum amount of ammunition per magazine are reduced to mimic perhaps a one full magazine at all times.

This could come with it's own level of realism, as running around with so many weapons and so many ammunition on them one would become, well, quite cumbersome and "laggy". An approach of the like could provide for the fast paced shooter experience the new title is aiming for, whilst also pack a couple heart-jumping moments when running out of ammo and not being able to reload.

We will have to wait and see how it all plays out.

Will "Doom" may be the future of multiplayer games style "classic deathmatch", like Doom2, QuakeLive? Will Pro-players like rapha, cypher, toxic to try it in prized tournaments? I find it hard to happen, except if this game were to be supported by major e-sports events through great popular demand.

Original link:

p.s.: Why is there not a topic icon of doom game? lol
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Posted by Lejionator @ 13:50 CDT, 13 March 2013 - iMsg
This is the "ultimate top hit parade national funk carioca music" of the moment here in Brazil!
With a catchy chorus, we're all at the mercy of this curse in the form of music. God help us! HELP US, GOKU!!!

Enjoy it!
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Q2 Ground Zero! (No comments)
Posted by Lejionator @ 12:23 CDT, 17 March 2012 - iMsg
Hi, ppl! I like know someone could help in creating a mod like OpenTDM to 'give up' (to enhance) this so cool Id's mission pack. Something like to create a new 'unnoficial update' to rogue folder. I am tired of to enter in so empty tastyspleen's rogue servers! :( help me, plz! (sorry my poor english)
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Low-res screen and accuracy aim mouse (16 comments)
Posted by Lejionator @ 16:39 CDT, 6 July 2011 - iMsg
Assuming that I am a Quake (or even CS player), my questions are:

1- It is true that if I use a low screen resolution
(640x480 or 800x600), my aim may be less accurate?

2- Use low-res screen interferes with the choice of an appropriate sensitivity?

3- Use low DPI mouse is suitable for low resolution screens? It improves my accuracy?

Other stuff questions:
4- Use USB 500hz in my input mouse further improves my accuracy and speed of response of my action of pressing the button to shoot?

Thanks in advance! :)
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Looking for "UT3' High Visibility CFG"! (5 comments)
Posted by Lejionator @ 23:48 CDT, 2 July 2011 - iMsg

I wonder what are the main tips to tweak my UT3 on
graphics to gain in gaming performance, something like in Quake3/Quakelive (picmips, vertexlight, gamma, overbright, mapoverbright, intensity, no trails for rockets, fastsky, enablepostprocess, no muzzeflashes, texturemode, no ambient sounds, no musics, etc).

If so, someone could post screenshots of these "tweakeds" cfgs?

Thanks in advance! :)
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Looking for "UT3' High Visibility CFG"! (No comments)
Posted by Lejionator @ 23:47 CDT, 2 July 2011 - iMsg

I wonder what are the main tips to tweak my UT3 on
graphics to gain in gaming performance, something like in Quake3/Quakelive (picmips, vertexlight,

gamma, overbright, mapoverbright, intensity, no trails for rockets, fastsky, enablepostprocess, no

muzzeflashes, texturemode, no ambient sounds, no musics, etc).

If so, someone could post screenshots of these "tweakeds" cfgs?

Thanks in advance! :)
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NEW DUEL SPAWN SYSTEM IN QL - May, 2011 (8 comments)
Posted by Lejionator @ 03:01 CDT, 8 June 2011 - iMsg
"Site Update - May 31, 2011
Duel Updates:
Relaxed spawn system in Duel such that it now looks at 50% of the furthest away spawn choices with a minimum of 3 choices, instead of 40% with a minimum of 2 choices -- reducing the predictability of where a player may re-spawn."

Could someone explain to me how this really works, but in a much simpler language? I have 3 questions:

1- Using the map campgrounds as an example, someone could explain me this better?

I would also like to soon understand how the game interprets a map in relation to spawns. I can say that a map is always divided into 2 parts, where my opponent dies, he will respawn from the very opposite side of where I am?
Or is divided into 4 parts, where my opponent may spawn on the opposite side, both a left and the right side for me, no matter if I'm on the same side of a line tha he can to spawn?

2- I will give a situation: When I frag someone at LG, in campgrounds.
a - Where my opponent could respawn if I stay in place? Near the RA, on the bridge or upper SG (pillars)?
b - If I'm in exactly "lower SG", while I run to RA by stairs, the respawn of my opponent will change? If yes, where probably?
c - What if I'm right in the center arena, at the exact point of the MH, where my opponent could to respawn?

3- And at the time of q3 CPMA or OSP, the spawns were purely random or away from the place of his own death, no matter where the killer is?

Thanks in advance! :)
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Hud files of pro-players to Q3 CPMA!! (4 comments)
Posted by Lejionator @ 20:11 CDT, 4 June 2011 - iMsg
I wonder if anyone have or know where I can to do download of pro-players's hud files like Cypher, Cooller, Jibo, Toxic, czm, Rapha to my q3 cpma.
Is hard to find some cpma's hud file in internet, i try but can't find it.

Thx in advance! :)
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Help about Spawn System CTF - Q3 vs QL (15 comments)
Posted by Lejionator @ 18:32 CST, 8 March 2011 - iMsg
I wonder how the "CTF's Spawn System" really works in QL and what are the differences with this current compared to the Q3 CTF!

Also I heard that in Q3 the "/kill" command was used much. What was the main strategy of the "suicide" and if this command existed in QL as well, it would work exactly the same as in Q3 even with possible differences in the system?

One last question: What was the main mod used by ppl to be playing CTF, even in leagues? CPMA, OSP or 3wave?

p.s.: I created a similar topic in QL official forum, but things are very slowly there, almost empty.

Thanks in advance! :)
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Low-Sens Player vs High-Sens Player (113 comments)
Posted by Lejionator @ 09:52 CST, 4 January 2011 - iMsg

I always liked q2, q3, qw and am currently playing QL much. I've always been very noob because I've always played by simply playing until the day when I watched the dueling demos of Thresh vs Immortal in q2. I loved it and was fascinated! Then I watched several demos of Damiah (the best!), Purri, Provi, Scooby, DaHanG, Polosaty, Blue, MasterT, all excellent q2 players. And we decided to look for q3 dueling demos and to my surprise I found a lot too! I loved watching Cooller, Cypher, Jibo, Avek, Toxic, Fatal1ty, Lexer, Zero4, czm, etc..

I, like every noob, I wanted to emulate them all about ignoring the reality of how things work. I tried their crazy rails, insane LG and amazing rockets, but it was useless. I even got many crazy rails, but over time I realized they were all just reflexes and luck. So how to HAVE the POWER to use it whenever I wanted? That's when I realized I was using a poor mouse, sensitivity very high and only wore simple wrist movements (moving up to 3cm!), a tiny mousemat and without any strategy game!
I realized this when I watched videos of pro players playing in lans, in their comfortable and spacious tables, and cool mices with large Mousemats, all to the best of their movements. Now I understood why the numbers that I saw in their CFGs.

To have good aim, you must have a low sensitivity, satisfactory physical space to perform your moves and a good 400 DPI mouse. This is the very basics of basics, if you want to be a decent player.

Now my question to you all is to reflect:
Who takes more advantage, a low sens player or a high sens player?

I'll take Cypher as my first example of low-sens player. Everyone knows that he is the greatest champion and most balanced Q3/QL player. your combat skills are the best and the most smarters. But after observing a lot, I realized he is a low-sens player. He does 27cm in cm/360 degree, uses 4.3 sens, pitch/yaw 0018, accel 0.1 and today in QL. Fast enough for yours rockets and slow enough for yours rail and LG. But it was not just because of your CFG I discovered this, but I looked at their games.
But in this ESWC q3 2008, he had Sens 5, accel 0.1, pitch/yaw 0.018, FOV 90, m_filter 1 and predictitems 1.
Although the Sens 5, I believe he has any alias that diminishes their sens during games, because it's obvious he has a sens lower than that of Rapha. Watch the demo below:

Cypher(POV) vs K1llsen 2008 ESWC Finals Game 1B (grand final in "eswc 2008 q3 final")

1-(3:32) Cypher enters in the Tele room and still looking up and remains so, even without the risk of being hit or hitting K1llsen.

2-(3:34) Cypher without down xhair even a little, get out, takes a shot of rail and shoot rockets at the RA place and return. In the Tele room, only corrects xhair slowly in the center before going to teleport. The moment he leaves the Tele, he changes to LG.

3-(3:36) Cypher already fires your LG and makes only strafe dodges, leaving his xhair almost static in the center pointing at RA. And then shifts to RL to at least make splashes dmg in K1llsen.

4-(3:40) He was shot by K1llsen's rail when k1llsen leap to GL, but Cypher shoots Rail also and misses. Then he looks sharply to his right, leaps up to PG until fetch the 50hp bubble.


Okay, now let's see an example of a Rapha's game. I chose Rapha because he has a very different style of play of others players like Cypher,Cooller and Strenx (this even makes the 57cm in cm/360 without any accel!), which use a much lower sensitivity than him.Rapha is known for using very high sens, accel and fov, since q3. He does "only" 21cm in cm/360 degree. The smallest of all the pro players. He is very intelligent, tactical and search the fight only when it is the best positioned and equipped as possible. It is the BEST QL's Pro player todays, imo.
In ESWC q3 2008, he had Sens 4, accel 0.5, pitch/yaw 0.022, FOV 110, m_filter 0 e predictitems 0(sens 5/accel 0.48/fov 110, in QL).

Rapha(POV) vs Spartie 2008 ESWC MoA Finals 3B (in eswc masters of athens q3 finals)

1-(0:04) Rapha jumps in SG's jumpad to get a 25hp bubble, back and falls in MH. Note that Rapha moves your aim so well and smooth, without giving big swept with mouse, as if using a both high sensitivity.

2-(0:10) When he falls in MH, Spartie corners him closely using rockets while Rapha tries to dodge and use the LG. Both die, but it was funny to see Rapha early in the fight use flicks shots with LG in Spartie and stay static! Rapha Only then corrects himself and begins to use strafe aim to kill Spartie with more efficiency.

3-(0:16) At spawn on the deck outside (near the entrance to LG), Rapha run to pick up RL while shooting with MG using strafe aim without moves your xhair, in Spartie who was spawnded in below (near the entrance room to LG) and is running to MH room to catch the LG and RL fallen in the last fight.

4-(0:20) Rapha fires rockets at the entrance of MH thinking Spartie back on the floor, but is surprised when Spartie appears very rapidly running over the catwalk (maybe he did rocket jump of the MH ...) and killing Rapha with LG. Rapha do bad dodges, doing strafe to the right when the shaft was going to the right and vice versa. That is, he followed the movements along the shaft, taking much dmg. Before he died, Rapha barely used strafe aim with RL. He just use the mouse to try to aim and shoot!

5-(0:24) Rapha spawned in LG, rises to take the RL on the edge of the platform that he left when die earlier, goes to get the YA, and back up and sit on the MH again. ote that Rapha moves your aim so well and smooth, like you needed to use only wrist movements. So it's obvious that it uses a fairly high sensitivity. More higher than that of Cypher, for example.


So I might conclude that pro players use low sensitivity, making large movements with the mouse and very fast with their forearms (as big sweeping or give kicks!). When you think you saw a flick shot or even a lucky shot, in fact the pro player made a large move, smooth and precise. Now I understand why pro players use Mousemats so large (I think 40x40cm, perhaps), it is because they need more space to do their moves!

About the FOV, the duelists use low values like 90, 95(in q3, default cg_fov is 90. In QL is 100) because is better to visualization. Fov 90 you see the enemy model bigger than with 100 or 110 e so you will see more easily to hit him. Are styles of "aim players".

Most use very nice 400 DPI mouses and even 800 DPI (like Strenx). It is not advisable to use more than 800 DPI because their movements are less controllable and more mistakes will appear. 800 DPI is more than enough to quake or any other game of the same level.

I believe than Pro players use sensitivity in levels differents to yours weapons: Rail= a mais low; LG= median sens; Rocket e other weapons= highest and default to use.


Obs.: I heard than q3 was better to use the faster movements even with rail or LG, but do not know why.Perhaps because hitboxes of being larger, weapons being more stronger or the speedjumps being slower? But I think it's more because the q3 system is different from the QL. Use the mouse to do the same cm/360 degree test without any accel for you set your sensitivity in q3 not give the same result in QL, because I think the QL values are always smaller. That is, I think that pro players use different about values in two games but in practice is the same thing. Does anyone know anything about it better than me?


Rapha don't abuse their "insane aim skills" with help of fov and sens low, because he knows than has amazing reflexes and satisfactory aim, and that is enough for him. So it's more advantageous to have your field of vision expanded and this is a good advantage over their opponents. Rapha, with his great natural talent + incredible reflections + big fov and sens + great strategies = The most dangerous player at present. Obviously he is not even half of its evolution and it's almost scary to imagine, if he still wants to improve more.

Rapha uses values above the standard, your aim is sometimes a bit poorly, but is still one of the greatest champions of QL today. He is an unknown.

-For the noobs(like me): Don't copy CFGs of pro players or try to imitate them without even having the basic knowledge on sensitivity and gameplay. Try to adapt and use proportional CFGs to their physical conditions(hardware, mouse, mousemat, physical space on their desks, etc.). Not wanting to have Strenx's sens without have a mousemat to 40x40cm, for example. And so on.

This is it! I'm far from the truth? Please comment, guys!
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Post ur Freeze and Duel´ demos matchs! (3 comments)
Posted by Lejionator @ 08:59 CDT, 9 August 2010 - iMsg
hello, folks!

You could not post some demos of these new premium maps, as aerowalk, BattleForge, be in duel or freeze tag to people like me who do not have premium account?

thanks in advance.
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Be written "INTERNET1" i my q3A! (11 comments)
Posted by Lejionator @ 08:46 CDT, 14 July 2010 - iMsg

I´m having problems with my Q3A to browse online servers. When I go to MULTIPLAYER menu, the field to browse online servers is write "INTERNET1"! I never see it before! Then it´s don´t find any online server. I know that it should be written just "INTERNET" to can search servers.

When I go to CPMA mod, is all right. The field to browse servers be written just "INTERNET" and then it´s work fine.

It´s should be a CFG´s Problem? I don´t know how fix it! Help me, pls!
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How kick Mynx model like default? (4 comments)
Posted by Lejionator @ 08:25 CDT, 21 June 2010 - iMsg
I know that standard Q3 uses the model "Sarge" by default. But in CPMA Mod, the standard model is 'Mynx'.

But I can not change this, I would once and for all to use the sarge model as the default also in CPMA! Could anyone help me please?
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Where are Xmas and Fallout Bunker maps? (10 comments)
Posted by Lejionator @ 05:43 CDT, 4 June 2010 - iMsg

I know that exist the maps Silent Night (xmas.pk3) and Fallout Bunker (?) to QL, but I don´t can find this! Are special maps that come with updates and etc. Anyone can help me? A link to download?

p.s.: Exist new models players also? Like santa klauz, i see that in a pic of xmas map! I want have this.
Sorry my poor english.

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