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FATALITY SANTA (No comments)
Posted by 2pak @ 09:30 GMT, 31 December 2013 - iMsg
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9retards (99 comments)
Posted by 2pak @ 09:42 BST, 9 September 2013 - iMsg
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Strenx on Quake Players - Cooller Rapha (44 comments)
Posted by 2pak @ 00:18 GMT, 26 February 2013 - iMsg
Just saw that and laughed my ass off omg... Dahang is best :D
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The 1000th spawn point idea (5 comments)
Posted by 2pak @ 12:20 GMT, 5 December 2012 - iMsg
I just read the spawn kills thread and had a somehow interesting idea - what if the players chose their spawn locations in advance? So a (pro) player would make a list of spawn points, and every time they die they would go down that list.

This would allow things like:

"Ok, if I die now I'm gonna spawn there, so should I delay my death, or just attack and don't care"?

"I'm gonna try and force first fight on t7 at mega, so I want 2nd spawn at RA"

"I want to force as many LG spawns as possible, I'm RL noob"

etc etc. Could potentially introduce a "pre-game tactical element" to the game, similar to how you have to pick engine / car stats in race games and so on.
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PAUL STEED PASSED AWAY :( (26 comments)
Posted by 2pak @ 16:17 BST, 11 August 2012 - iMsg
Link. RIP Paul Steed :(
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Curiosity landing on Mars VOD (29 comments)
Posted by 2pak @ 15:39 BST, 6 August 2012 - iMsg
VOD. Landing starts at around 19:00 minutes.

edit: First raw images here.
Edited by 2pak at 17:05 BST, 6 August 2012 - 6873 Hits
ANTICHEATS (9 comments)
Posted by 2pak @ 00:05 BST, 14 June 2012 - iMsg
For people always whining about anticheats:


Nothing new, just a good explanation why writing anticheats ain't a matter of "putting one dev on it for one month" and then forgetting about it like I've seen some people claim.

And it's far less likely to have reliable anticheats with the amount of resources id is dedicating to QL.
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Unreal Engine 4 (175 comments)
Posted by 2pak @ 06:09 BST, 9 June 2012 - iMsg
Well, it looks gorgeous. D3 / LOTR in realtime :)

I remember the days when id was at the forefront of graphics technology, but instead they went off pursuing megatextures and forgetting about everything else. How many studios have licensed idTech 5?

Anyway, gj Epic.

edit: also, this.
Edited by 2pak at 06:16 BST, 9 June 2012 - 12770 Hits
Posted by 2pak @ 01:40 BST, 6 June 2012 - iMsg
So much drama...

So it seems that terrance is withdrawing as an organizer.

Personally, I was really looking forward to this tournament and wouldn't like to see it die; dm17 is a fun map I've had many exciting games on as I'm sure many people have too. I hope we can still make this happen.

So if people are still up for it, here's what I'm proposing:

Still a 16 players open tournament; we keep the date (June 9th, 13:00 CEST); groups or double elimination, whatever is preferred; bo3 or bo1 till grid, whatever is preferred; then bo3 till finals, which would be bo5.

As I'm a little low on cash right now I can offer a $30 prize pool, which would be distributed among the top 3. Since I don't have a pro account, games would have to played on public servers with demos recorded (in case rules are violated).

I won't use paypal ever again, so the winners would need to receive their money by wire transfer (IBAN acc number).

Well, that's it. If somebody would like to donate for a bigger prize pool or would like to host servers - message me.

Hope to see all of you dm17 nerds sign up; let's not let some misunderstanding ruin a great idea.

@terrance: no bad blood; I have nothing against you and I would have loved to see you make this happen, and I'm not trying to hijack your initiative. If you're still up for a fair tournament, just tell me and I'll delete this thread.
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New WMO - D66-00061, 69, 73, 74, 76? (15 comments)
Posted by 2pak @ 12:46 BST, 27 May 2012 - iMsg
So I'm looking to buy a new cheap mouse (20eur max), and the WMO seems to be the perfect fit. However, I'm seeing at least 4 different models with a price range from 10eur to as much as 40eur.

I guess the 61 is the oldest one (1.0?) and is a piece of crap.

I'm seeing many people recommend the 69 (1.1).

But what about the 7x models? Are they just a better, updated 1.1? Do they have a new sensor? I've found both a 74 and a 76 for 18eur, is this a good price? On the other hand, there's a new 73 for 40eur.

Which is the best one?
Edited by 2pak at 12:51 BST, 27 May 2012 - 4387 Hits
Historical comeback (23 comments)
Posted by 2pak @ 21:41 BST, 19 May 2012 - iMsg
Never give up.

Gogogo Chelsea!
Edited by 2pak at 21:42 BST, 19 May 2012 - 2731 Hits
ZERO4 (51 comments)
Posted by 2pak @ 04:28 GMT, 1 February 2012 - iMsg
mother of god...
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