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Where are the Dreamhack 2011 demos? (3 comments)
Posted by Camph @ 00:19 CDT, 21 June 2011 - iMsg
I can't find them anywhere
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Installing Hyperglides (7 comments)
Posted by Camph @ 09:17 CDT, 25 September 2009 - iMsg
I just got my skates in, but there's no alcohol swab. How essential is it to put these on without wiping it down?
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Most noise canceling headphones (10 comments)
Posted by Camph @ 01:18 CDT, 21 August 2009 - iMsg
I got some really noise neighbors, so I'm thinking about getting a nice set of cans that will really clean out anything outside. Over ear and over head preferably. Microphone is sort of necessary. Budget is around $60. If it's better than my current PC161's, I'm all ears.
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New Mouse by Logitech (40 comments)
Posted by Camph @ 14:22 CDT, 7 August 2009 - iMsg

5600 dpi is silly and just plain overkill
Also, l hate that stupid rubber film junk they put over the plastic. Why dont they just have smooth plastic? The rubber shit gets dirty and peels off.
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Steelseries I-2 question (13 comments)
Posted by Camph @ 23:31 CDT, 19 June 2009 - iMsg
For all icemat users, how many of you experience tracking problems? I'm using the blue one right now and it seems like some twitch movements create negative acceleration.

Also, what's the best way to clean it?
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Rapha -vs- Chance (2 comments)
Posted by Camph @ 20:23 CDT, 20 April 2009 - iMsg

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Rating: 7.7 (2 votes)
Gametype: Duel
Map: qztourney7 - Furious Heights
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: sk Rapha
How to play back QL demos

some pub
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