It seems many ESR users have an appreciation for strategically complex games. So this may be a good forum to introduce Go.

Go is a board game of Chinese origin that is old as dirt. It has simple rules but rich in depth and is difficult to be good at.

The general idea is to control more of the board than your opponent by trying to place your stones so they will not be captured while mapping out territories your opponent cannot invade without being captured.

You are captured when there are no empty adjacent spaces (diagonals do not count) by your stone or group of stones because you've been surrounded by the opponent.

Placing stones closer tends to allow them to support each other and avoid capture, placing stones farther apart creates more influence across areas of the board. During play you try to meet both defensive and offensive purposes and choose between tactical urgency and strategic plans. Part of the difficulty and fun of Go is finding the right balance between such conflicting interests.