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Is the shift beginning? (33 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 04:20 CST, 10 January 2019 - iMsg
With Ubisoft announcing the Division 2 being released in the Epic store and not on Steam.
Do you think its the start of a trend? Steam must be out of favor for charging 30% while Epic only charges 12%
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John Romero upcoming Megawad (42 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 07:13 CST, 11 December 2018 - iMsg
SIGIL™ is a free megawad for the original 1993 DOOM® created by John Romero. It contains nine single-player and nine deathmatch levels. The free megawad will be released in mid- February 2019 and requires players own the original 1993 registered version of DOOM® in order to play. SIGIL™ is the spiritual successor to the fourth episode of DOOM®, and picks up where the original left off.
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Mission Packs savegames error (7 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 04:28 CST, 29 December 2015 - iMsg

Awhile ago i got Q2 With the mission packs they run great
Normal game i can load a savegame no problem
Mission packs i can save but i cant load the savegames

Simply says ShutDown...

Kinda onnoying having to finish a level then start with Map (mapname) losing all; my stuff
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Recommend me an Anime. (98 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 14:34 CST, 21 December 2015 - iMsg
Looking for something new to watch ive seen

One Piece
Dragonball (z) (gt) (super)
One Punch Man

Currently watching Devil May Cry but thats onl;y one season
After that i only have the new Ghost in the Shell movie than im out :(
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Doom closed Alpha (118 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 04:16 CDT, 15 October 2015 - iMsg
DOOM® Multiplayer Closed Alpha

Pre-ordered or bought Wolfenstein: The New Order on or before May 26, 2014 to get into the DOOM Beta? Select your platform and follow the steps to ensure you are eligible to be selected for the DOOM Closed Alpha.
PC Xbox One PS4

The DOOM MP Closed Alpha is a series of development-driven tests designed to stress test the game’s dedicated server infrastructure in a real-world consumer environment. It is not the Beta (offered with Wolfenstein®: The New Order™ pre-order), a demo, or representative of the final game.

*While the Beta and the full game will be available in multiple languages, the Closed Alpha is an English-only test.

Closed Alpha Gameplay Features
One Map: Heatwave

The Alpha will feature 1 multiplayer map: Heatwave. This industrial-themed map will place players in an arena setting featuring plenty of armor, ammo, and health pickups. Narrow corridors, walkways and small chambers all link to a central, open area of the map, providing players with a variety of environments that suit varying playstyles, as well as the focus point for fighting over key power-ups.
One Mode: 6v6 Team Deathmatch

Welcome to the core of DOOM’s arena-style multiplayer combat. In this mode, two teams of 6 players will try to dominate each other by fighting over the Revenant and Gauss Rifle power-ups, which provide devastating firepower that can turn the tide or ensure victory.
One Demon: Revenant

Being the first player to the Demon Rune will transform you into the powerful Revenant. Use your jetpack and dual rocket launchers to hunt down the other team for a limited time to either secure your team’s lead or mount a comeback.
One Power Weapon: Gauss Cannon

Available as a counter to the Revenant, this high-powered weapon destroys opponents in one blast. Use the alternate fire to see your targets through walls, but be warned, there is a limited number of shots, so use it to take down the demon rather than enemy players. Once you’re out of ammo, you have to wait for it to appear on the map again.
6 Weapons, 2 Equipment Items

The Closed Alpha will feature a limited arsenal of weapons and items featured in the complete game. They can be used both in standard and customizable loadouts.

Vortex Rifle
Super Shotgun
Rocket Launcher
Static Cannon
Plasma Rifle

Equipment Items

Personal Teleporter
Frag Grenade
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the Hobbit 3 spoiler ahead! (9 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 02:55 CST, 13 December 2014 - iMsg
Anyone here seen it yet?

Seriously the prologe W T F make an entire movie about a dragon to have him shot in the first 10min .....

Otherwise pretty entertaining sometimes abit over the top especially with legolas , nearly making it an old kungfu movie haha but its the end still amazed how they made 3 full movies of a book not thicker then my pinkie

Whats your opinion?
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System Shock 2 99 cents on Steam! (8 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 13:30 CST, 12 December 2014 - iMsg
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How Doom 4 Got Off Track (16 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 05:02 CDT, 4 April 2013 - iMsg
Not the news i was hoping for but atleast its something, funny tho that Bethesda seems to have a certain quality standard seemingly never used on other games......

Doom 4 is in trouble, and has been for quite some time now, according to multiple sources. Though publisher Bethesda tells Kotaku they still plan to release the highly-anticipated first-person shooter, Doom 4 has gone through at least one major reboot over the past few years, and sources say even today, five years after development started, the game is not even close to complete.

Read the full article:

edit: in a later created topic we discuss this matter, see
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Marching band video game tribute (1 comment)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 20:35 CDT, 14 October 2012 - iMsg

if thats not awesome i dont know what is.
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Troll of the year? (39 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 14:29 CDT, 29 August 2012 - iMsg
Samsung Pays Apple $1 Billion Sending 30 Trucks Full of 5 Cents Coins

Samsung vs AppleThis morning more than 30 trucks filled with 5-cent coins arrived at Apple’s headquarters in California. Initially, the security company that protects the facility said the trucks were in the wrong place, but minutes later, Tim Cook (Apple CEO) received a call from Samsung CEO explaining that they will pay $1 billion dollars for the fine recently ruled against the South Korean company in this way.

the funny part is that the signed document does not specify a single payment method, so Samsung is entitled to send the creators of the iPhone their billion dollars in the way they deem best.

Lee Kun-Hee

This dirty but genius geek troll play is a new headache to Apple executives as they will need to put in long hours counting all that money, to check if it is all there and to try to deposit it crossing fingers to hope a bank will accept all the coins.

Lee Kun-hee, Chairman of Samsung Electronics, told the media that his company is not going to be intimidated by a group of “geeks with style” and that if they want to play dirty, they also know how to do it.

You can use your coins to buy refreshments at the little machine for life or melt the coins to make computers, that’s not my problem, I already paid them and fulfilled the law.

A total of 20 billion coins, delivery hope to finish this week.

Most likely a hoax tho :P
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Sites to browse when bored (51 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 21:12 CDT, 15 August 2012 - iMsg

Im at work nothing to do still 2 nights shifts remaining
what sites do you browse on a regulair basis

or what games do you play which dont require install
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id Software going console?! (12 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 17:48 CDT, 27 July 2012 - iMsg
UI Programmer

Division: id Software | Department: Programming | Location: Richardson, US-TX, US

id Software is looking for experienced UI Programmers to work on cutting-edge technology for an unannounced game on future-generation consoles.


At least 3 years of game development experience with multiple titles shipped
Extensive experience with scripting languages like Flash/Actionscript and working with 2d/3d UI frameworks
Experience with DirectX 11 a plus
Passion for making GREAT games, and being part of a GREAT team
Ability to contribute innovative ideas towards all aspects of game development
Must create amazing things with minimal oversight
Familiarity with id Software games, characters, brands and universes

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The Elder Scrolls Online (6 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 04:07 CDT, 4 May 2012 - iMsg
ROCKVILLE, Md., May 3, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Bethesda Softworks®, a ZeniMax® Media company, today announced The Elder Scrolls® Online, an MMO in development at ZeniMax Online Studios. The Elder Scrolls Online will be the first Elder Scrolls game to allow gamers to explore the legendary Elder Scrolls world with others.

The Elder Scrolls Online is being developed for PC and Mac under the leadership of industry veteran Matt Firor, who has spent the last two decades working in online game development. Details about the game are revealed in an exclusive cover story in Game Informer®'s June issue, which ships to subscribers and newsstands this month.

"We have been working hard to create an online world in which players will be able to experience the epic Elder Scrolls universe with their friends, something fans have long said they wanted," said Matt Firor, game director of The Elder Scrolls Online. "It will be extremely rewarding finally to unveil what we have been developing the last several years. The entire team is committed to creating the best MMO ever made - and one that is worthy of The Elder Scrolls franchise."

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim® is the most recent title set in the award-winning Elder Scrolls universe. Skyrim, developed by Bethesda Game Studios, was released in November 2011 and enjoyed worldwide critical and commercial success. Skyrim earned hundreds of 'Game of the Year' awards, including top honors at the 2012 Game Developers Choice Awards, the 15th Annual 2012 Interactive Achievement Awards held at the 2012 D.I.C.E. Summit, and at the 2011 Video Game Awards. Internationally, Skyrim shipped over 10 million units within the first month of its release, was the second highest grossing title in the industry last year, and is the fastest selling title in Steam's history.

The Elder Scrolls Online will be featured on magazine covers across Europe and in online stories in the coming months which will provide gamers with more information about this exciting title.

The Elder Scrolls Online has not yet been rated by the ESRB.

About ZeniMax Media Inc.ZeniMax Media is a privately owned media organization headquartered outside Washington DC with international offices in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Eindhoven, and Tokyo. Through its subsidiaries, ZeniMax Media creates and publishes original interactive entertainment content for consoles, the PC, and handheld/wireless devices. ZeniMax Media divisions include Bethesda Softworks, Bethesda Game Studios, id Software, Arkane Studios, Tango Gameworks, MachineGames Sweden, ZeniMax Europe Ltd., ZeniMax Asia K.K. and ZeniMax Online Studios. For more information on ZeniMax Media, visit .

About Bethesda SoftworksBethesda Softworks, part of the ZeniMax Media Inc. family of companies, is a worldwide publisher of premier interactive entertainment software. Titles featured under the Bethesda label include such blockbuster franchises as DOOM®, QUAKE®, The Elder Scrolls®, Fallout®, Wolfenstein® and RAGE®. For more information on Bethesda Softworks' products, visit .

About ZeniMax Online StudiosZeniMax Online Studios, a division of ZeniMax Media Inc., was established to become a premier developer of online games, with special focus on Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games (MMORPGs). ZeniMax Online Studios is located in Hunt Valley, Maryland. For more information on ZeniMax Online Studios, visit .

The Elder Scrolls, Skyrim, Bethesda Game Studios, Bethesda Softworks, Bethesda, ZeniMax and their related logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of ZeniMax Media Inc. in the United States and/or in other countries. Fallout is a registered trademark or trademark of Bethesda Softworks LLC in the United States and/or in other countries. DOOM, QUAKE, Wolfenstein and RAGE are registered trademarks or trademarks of id Software LLC in the United States and/or in other countries. Other product and company names referenced herein may be trademarks of their respective owners. All Rights Reserved.

SOURCE Bethesda Softworks
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J.Romero details plans for "MMO-ish" FPS (47 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 02:10 CDT, 7 April 2012 - iMsg
John Romero details plans for "MMO-ish" PC shooter

John Romero, the veteran developer and id Software founder who helped create FPS touchstones like Quake, Doom and Wolfenstein, is planning a return to the genre in which he made his name.

Romero, who's currently CEO of social game studio Loot Drop, Inc., told Eurogamer that although he hasn't formally started work on the project he has the design nailed down.

"Yes, I'm definitely going to be making another shooter and it will be on PC first," he explained.

"I don't want to talk about the details but I already know what it is. I've already kind of designed the thing and it's pretty cool - though of course, I am going to say that. I think it's a neat design, I haven't seen the design anywhere else."

Romero didn't go into much more detail but added that it'll be "MMO-ish" and will offer a new twist on genre traditions.

"It's a persistent game, it has persistent player data, the character grows and gets better over time. I think most gamers expect that now anyway, but this was a design I'd done a while ago. I think it's pretty valid.

"You will be playing the game as you would expect a shooter to feel, but the specifics of your situation, narrative wrapper and reward system are all unique. I wouldn't want to give out any specifics until I'm close to shipping it. I've learned my lesson about talking too soon about specific game features and release dates."

He couldn't confirm when work will begin or if it'll be a Loot Drop production.

It's been a long time since Romero last brought out a shooter - the 2003 N-Gage version of Red Faction. We asked him whether he thinks the skills necessary to make a successful modern shooter have changed since then.

"I don't think it's changed other than that the 3D graphics have to be good and there are a tonne of basics in the design that have to be there for players to feel that it's a current game.

"But I already have a lot of that stuff designed and none of what I've done has become invalid over time based on today's shooters. So I don't think there's an issue with it feeling dated or feeling old. It's not going to be an old-school shooter - it won't be pixelated. But it will probably have some faster movement than most games have right now."

Romero also offered his take on how the genre has evolved since his time at id Software. While he appreciates that Gears of War is a quality product, he's not a fan of the shift towards slower, cover-based gameplay.

"I'm not a fan of cover systems or the player being a bullet sponge. I'm not that interested in the tank-like player; I like feeling that I have skill in the game," he explained, before theorising that the rise of the console game pad has pushed developers in that direction out of necessity.

"I do realise that a lot of the movement in new shooters is directly attributable to the console controller because you can't play well and fast with them so they had to come up with some design to make it so the player can do something else if they can't skillfully move quickly. They have to do something different.

"But I'm a PC mouse and keyboard type player," he countered.

"I love twitch 180s, fast targeting, fast firing, fast movement. So anything that's not like that - like current shooters that are basically a track going through a level to the exit and everything is closed off - is not interesting to me.

"I like to explore my levels, y'know? So I'm not a fan of on-rail shooting or slow-moving cover systems. That's not to say that Gears isn't a great game but as a player I'm more interested in speed and fast movement."

Loot Drop's only current confirmed project is Ghost Recon Commander - a social spin-off from Ubisoft's tactical shooter series due out on Facebook and mobile platforms some time this Summer.

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Would this be enough for a few years (32 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 10:49 CDT, 8 October 2011 - iMsg
Need to upgrade

Build this rig begin 2005 and it is getting issues with newer games and the odd BSoD

So i thought this would be enough
MSI H61M-E33 (B3)
i5 2300
4GB Memory
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Mortal kombat Legacy (1 comment)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 16:56 CDT, 29 September 2011 - iMsg
Stumbled across this on piratebay its a new sorts of series 9 short eps now and its awesome!
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Rage Sys Req (76 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 04:26 CDT, 7 September 2011 - iMsg
o OS: Win XP SP3, Vista, Win 7
o Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad or Equivalent AMD
o Memory: 4GB
o Hard Disk Space: 25GB
o Video Card: GeForce 9800 GTX, ATI Radeon HD 5550

HD space 25 Gigs 0_o
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free game suggestions (54 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 17:43 CDT, 25 August 2011 - iMsg
@ Work bored shitless
cant install anything need some suggestions please :D

ill [+] good ones ^^
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LoL (12 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 16:05 CDT, 20 August 2011 - iMsg
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Looking for good horror/mistery movies (55 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 15:26 CDT, 18 August 2011 - iMsg
need new movies but out of ideas
watched Grave Encounters few hours ago it sparked my intrest again

No King or Craven i have seen them all 100s of times
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[email protected] (25 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 16:01 CDT, 10 August 2011 - iMsg
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Dragon Age: Origins (12 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 12:28 CDT, 20 June 2011 - iMsg
Ok i just finished DA2 pretty good game tho i felt the Dragon aspect was kinda lacking

im contemplating getting the DA:O Ultimate edition from steam for 30bucks buuut is it worth it?
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BioShock Infinite (20 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 13:35 CDT, 25 May 2011 - iMsg

Doesnt feel like a BioShock game without Rapture imo
But it does look interesting
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wtf is this (12 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 12:24 CDT, 13 May 2011 - iMsg
got this while loading a youtube clip

500 Internal Server Error

Er is helaas iets misgegaan.

Er is een team goed opgeleide techneuten op pad gestuurd om dit probleem op te lossen.
If you see them, show them this information:

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Weird ass belgian commercial (5 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 10:56 CDT, 11 May 2011 - iMsg

not sure how to embed with all the crap in that line >.>
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Mass Effect Anime Movie In the Works (4 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 03:07 CDT, 8 April 2011 - iMsg
BioWare and FUNimation Entertainment announced today an agreement to create an anime feature film adapted from one of the gaming industry’s most revered franchises, Mass Effect. Tokyo-based anime and international feature film production company T.O Entertainment, Inc. has signed on as a co-producer on the video. It sounds awfully generic, but according to the press release the anime video will “tell the tale of an epic science fiction adventure set in a vast universe filled with dangerous alien life and mysterious, uncharted planets.”

You don’t say…

Casey Hudson of BioWare, executive producer of the Mass Effect series, will serve as executive producer on the film, along with FUNimation President and CEO Gen Fukunaga and Director of Original Entertainment Chris Moujaes and T.O Entertainment’s CEO Takeichi Honda and Yui Shibata so it’s obviously in good hands.

“Over the last few years, we have revealed different pieces of the Mass Effect world through different media. Extending the story through an anime medium is another amazing opportunity for us,” said Casey Hudson, Executive Producer for the Mass Effect series. “Partnering with FUNimation ensures that we will bring this rich universe to life with the utmost quality and the same attention to detail that the Mass Effect games are known for.”

“It is thanks to the enormous and passionate Mass Effect fan base that this movie is made possible,” said Gen Fukunaga, President & CEO of FUNimation. “With production underway on the Dragon Age video, we are excited to team up with another BioWare team to add an exciting new chapter to this vast sci-fi world.”

Production of the Mass Effect anime movie has already begun. Digital and home video releases are scheduled for the summer of 2012 and we’ll of course keep you posted as new details emerge. Who’s pumped for this?!?!
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can anyone log in? (26 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 15:48 CDT, 21 March 2011 - iMsg
i cant :( need ma fix
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Earthquake/Tsunami struck Japan (55 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 02:11 CST, 11 March 2011 - iMsg
A powerful earthquake has struck off Japan, shaking buildings in Tokyo for several minutes and forcing people out of their homes, witnesses said.

Japan issued its most serious tsunami warning, saying a wave as high as 6m (20ft) could strike the coast near Miyagi prefecture.

Reports initially reported a quake of magnitude 7.9 but have since been upgraded to an 8.8-magnitude quake, which struck about 250 miles (400km) from Tokyo at a depth of 20 miles.

Tsunami warnings have been issued.

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Ninja Gaiden 3 Debut Teaser (6 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 15:34 CST, 28 February 2011 - iMsg

OMG does anyone remember how damn hard these games were
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Minecraft Documentary (2 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 16:13 CST, 21 February 2011 - iMsg
Over the start of the new year 2 Player Productions documented the formation of Mojang Specifications, a development studio launched on the success of indie sensation Minecraft.If you enjoy this rare glimpse into the world of development, help 2 Player fund a feature length film by donating to the Kickstarter campaign at
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DOOM on a Calculator (4 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 15:48 CST, 20 February 2011 - iMsg
Thought it was cool they managed this tho it would result in an overkill of trash collectors if this was easily available :P

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Looking for game to buy (116 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 04:43 CST, 31 January 2011 - iMsg
But its hard >.>

i like games as fallout older resident evil

thought about new vegas but i recall it being buggy as hell and not sure if it will give more then fallout 3 did

i dont have a beast of a machine so keep that in mind please haha

i fear i have played most of the games allready tho
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Concerning the 'Quit Lag/Delay' (29 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 06:19 CST, 26 January 2011 - iMsg
In the last few weeks many of you have noticed that we had resolved the 'quit lag/delay' that all windows users had been experience when leaving the game. This delay was an unfortunate effect caused by our in-game advertising system. To temporarily improve the situation for our users, we disabled the in-game ad system. We now have a long term fix already deployed in our testing environment, and expect to release it next week alongside our next content update.

However, so that we may gather some information concerning the ad-system in its current state, we must re-enable it at this time which will result in the quit delay returning until that fix is deployed next Tuesday. To enable the ad system, we will be cycling all of our game servers, so you may experience servers shutting down at the end of your matches. We apologize for the inconvenience, but having it on for this short period of time will allow for us to gather the necessary data to improve the system moving forward.
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Suspected Update (1 comment)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 13:31 CST, 24 January 2011 - iMsg
Auto Pauze/timeout with lagspikes

or something along those lines im sure
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Ninja Turtles Exposed (5 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 15:10 CST, 21 January 2011 - iMsg
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Amnesia: The Dark Descent (45 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 03:45 CST, 13 January 2011 - iMsg
Ok someone brought this game to my attention now i wonder if any of you played this game and is willing to share his thoughts


user comment
''So , i was trying to get away from this wanker ,right? ran through 2 hallways, closed a few doors , eventually took a left and ended up in a dark safe spot.I was like ''ok , i'll wait here for a while , maybe search the room for some goodies''. 2 minutes later i hear a door beeing riped apart , i was like ''WTF!?''. ran back in the dark pissing my pants but nothing happened. i thought maybe i'm going schizophrenic , but maybe i should investingate to make sure nothing's stalking out of the room , reached the corridor intersection where i previously took a left to hide from the fucker.i was going ninja style , peeked left to see what's up...big mystake.motherfucker was waiting.he was like ''BAAAHHH!'' , i was like ''SHITTT!!'' and then my pants changed color. :'( ''

In Sovjet Russia the game plays you
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That gotta hurt (9 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 15:53 CST, 11 January 2011 - iMsg
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wlan optimizer (11 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 08:38 CST, 7 January 2011 - iMsg
Since a few days im warping like crazy
now ingame someone recommended me to look for this

Anyone that has experience with this and has a recomendation or alternative
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EzQuake adding bots (5 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 08:12 CST, 17 December 2010 - iMsg
I cant seem to use the addbot command.
is this because of the client i use

i used to mess around in it but been a long time XD
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2GD Seriouslly what were you thinking (52 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 03:36 CST, 7 December 2010 - iMsg

What kind of crap is that ;(

Stick to Quake mate :P
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Devpick TactiQuake (26 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 18:33 CST, 3 December 2010 - iMsg
How retarded this is CS speed with Quad/Doubler damage

Anything but Quake ;(
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QL down nothing on Twitter (8 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 15:40 CDT, 3 August 2009 - iMsg
Anyone know whats up Twitter not getting updatet
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Posted by Ryan2015 @ 06:24 CDT, 24 July 2009 - iMsg
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Game suggestions (44 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 09:51 CDT, 26 May 2009 - iMsg
Hi all

im looking for a Good game to get

my main focus is on single player as frankly im getting tired from all the inet gangster kiddos sp gives a far better experiance imho

so games i played lately

C&C RedAlert3
TheGodfather II

I cant seem to find anything good now Sad

i like shooters but its not so fun if its just straight forward shooting
i like elements as in the older ResidenEvil's where you solve things or look for specific things

But..... im open to everything just keep it on SinglePlayer
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Possible assault on the Queen of Holland (39 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 09:29 CDT, 30 April 2009 - iMsg
Today is Queensday in holland which has ended after a
possible attempt to kill the royal familie which is not yet confirmed

Sofar 4 dead , 5 Heavily injured , 8 minor injuries

The man drove a car through the crowd and crashed against a monument barely missing the bus which contained the royal familie

Thoughts to the families of the deseased people
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Looking to improve my game (16 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 07:43 CST, 26 January 2009 - iMsg
Ok first i lost the function of my left arm 4 years ago in an accident

This obvioussly means i wont be able to play as u used to

Im just hoping some ppl here can give me some thoughts on setup etc

i currently use the arrow keys for forward backward move left/right
ALT for strafing sideways CTRL attacking

DEL rocket END rail

the major points its hard is getting speed so i rarely get away to regain health and armour

the other point is in order to turn left/right or aim up/down i switch as fast as i can between my keys and mouse

which means i stand still pretty often witch alot of times proves fatal

for ones with a key if you check my profile well the k/d ratio is screwed for everyone atm since last update but it was around 0,5
overall acc is 19%

well i hope some will have some pointers for me and offcourse to the trolls do what you gotta do
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Hack much :o (27 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 10:25 CST, 11 January 2009 - iMsg
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Demo slow speed (3 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 06:23 CST, 24 November 2008 - iMsg
Hi i was watching the reppie vs milton demos but they
are very slow which makes it boring to watch

is there a cvar that sets that speed or should i get the demos somewere else?

btw it shows 306fps but its slower then q4 when watching
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ESR BLASPHEMY (39 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 03:47 CST, 16 November 2008 - iMsg
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Re: Tattoos (68 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 11:00 CDT, 24 September 2008 - iMsg
this is mine
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Beta Invites (39 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 11:25 CDT, 10 August 2008 - iMsg
Have 2 to offer

Make a funny sentence with ''quake'' init

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Difference between Men and Women... (40 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 14:45 CDT, 18 June 2008 - iMsg
If Laura, Kate and Sarah go out for lunch, they will call each other Laura, Kate and Sarah.
If Mike, Dave and John go out, they will affectionately refer to each other as Fat Boy, Godzilla and Four-eyes.

When the bill arrives, Mike, Dave and John will each throw in $20, even though it's only for $32.50. None of them will have anything smaller and none will actually admit they want change back.
When the girls get their bill, out come the pocket calculators.

A man will pay $2 for a $1 item he needs.
A woman will pay $1 for a $2 item that she doesn't need but it's on sale.

A man has six items in his bathroom: toothbrush and toothpaste, shaving cream, razor, a bar of soap, and a towel .
The average number of items in the typical woman's bathroom is 337. A man would not be able to identify more than 20 of these items.

A woman has the last word in any argument.
Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.

A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband.
A man never worries about the future until he gets a wife.

A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend.
A successful woman is one who can find such a man.

A woman marries a man expecting he will change, but he doesn't.
A man marries a woman expecting that she won't change, but she does.

A woman will dress up to go shopping, water the plants, empty the trash, answer the phone, read a book, and get the mail.
A man will dress up for weddings and funerals.

Men wake up as good-looking as they went to bed.
Women somehow deteriorate during the night.

Ah, children. A woman knows all about her children. She knows about dentist appointments and romances, best friends, favorite foods, secret fears and hopes and dreams.
A man is vaguely aware of some short people living in the house.
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Max number of pure paks exided (6 comments)
Posted by Ryan2015 @ 06:07 CDT, 15 June 2008 - iMsg
i get that msg pretty often lately when joining a server
but even if i join the same server usually sometimes i get it sometimes i dont irritating is the msg follows with Q4 closing
i have a rather large base folder but removing paks wouldnnt
work iether

any ideas ?
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