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#macloud the movie; Endgame - by Fusion (33 comments)
Posted by Quadman @ 09:46 CDT, 12 August 2007 - iMsg

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Minutes ago our own Netherlands fusie uploaded the movie he has been working on for longer than I could possibly remember.
The movie is about Clan Macloud and is a frag highlight movie that is very pretty to the eye.
The rest is Fusion's own words:

Creator: fusie
Game: ut Unreal Tournament
Type: Frag Highlights
Length: 10m39s
Size: 410 Megs
Resolution: 720x540
Codec: XviD
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Silent death online project (22 comments)
Posted by Quadman @ 04:31 CST, 1 March 2007 - iMsg
I just found out that someone was making an extremly seriouse atempt to bring back Silent Death Online (SDO). The site is now just a forum where members can post ideas for the new game, which will atempt to be as much of a clone of SDO without being sued by EA. I registered myself within like 5 minutes of reading topics.

The game is great which is of course common knowledge of those who played it, check out for some old screen shots.

The new game will probably feature 3d rendered graphics though gameplay will be a simular scrolling 2D flyer shooter.

This news is aimed to old players that still have wet dreams about the game. 'm sure though that if it is released, everyone will find it appealing.
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