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ic not @qcon (25 comments)
Posted by dlx @ 00:28 CDT, 17 July 2011 - iMsg
Alessandro Avallone

Team Colwn/IC (Dreamhack QL Champions) might not attend #QuakeCon next month. No prize money announcement yet and we are still looking for more support so all 4 us can attend the event. Cu on online? x}

Good Job sync, community manager!
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looking for (c) (179 comments)
Posted by dlx @ 15:41 CDT, 21 June 2011 - iMsg

im looking for nice quotes, just post your fav. e.g.

sosi (c) cooller
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NEW QL UPDATE (46 comments)
Posted by dlx @ 03:36 CST, 3 December 2010 - iMsg
Site Update - December 2, 2010

Tonight's update is due to a change in our in-game ad provider. In-game ads will now (once again) be supplied by IGA Worldwide. This transition is mostly transparent to the end-user. The vast majority of today's changes were minor code changes made for development purposes. We currently have the next content update scheduled for Tuesday, December 14th, which includes the majority of our new content and bug fixes that has been in development.

Backend Changes

* Saving of Settings & Binds across sessions has been re-enabled.
* Configuration changes to our primary DB to improve performance and better handle loads which have recently resulted in site outages.

Code Changes

* Integrated IGA Worldwide in-game ads.
* Chat lines are now limited to 72 characters per message to prevent chat from overflowing/becoming unreadable.
* Formatting fixes made to say_team chat.
* Added 'cg_chatHistoryLength' (Default 6, <0-24>) to adjust how many lines of chat history are displayed while chatting or viewing the chat history.

* Added 'con_background' (Default 1, <0|1>) to toggle the background image present on the console.
* Added 'con_height' (Default 0.5, <0.1-1.0>) to toggle the height of the console dropdown.
* Added 'con_opacity' (Default 0.75, <0.1-1.0>) to adjust the opacity of the console when the console background is disabled.
* Added 'con_speed' (Default 3, <0.1-1000>) to adjust the speed in which the console lowers and raises.
* Increased max allowed aliases from 64 to 128
* Small formatting fixes made to the weaponBar when displayed on the right-hand side (cg_weaponBar 2).

Map Changes

* Minor fixes and improvements to Base Seige, Beyond Reality, Courtyard, Dueling Keeps, Intervention, Shining Forces, Space CTF, Stronghold, and Troubled Waters.

Dec. 1st Web Changes

* Resolved the main cause of Linux crashes upon launching into a server that have cropped up in the most recent patch.
* Fixed award percentages showing up incorrectly.
* Fixed friends showing up as online 1 minute ago.
* Fixed formatting issue with Freezetag stats.
* Fixed formatting issue in Game Manual.
* Fixed RSS link on Site News.
* Resolved potential issue where navigating away from a match detail scoreboard, and then clicking back would show an error page. If this is still seen, please report it so we can look into it further.
* Optimized front page slideshow images for file size.

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4:3 on TFT without streching? (15 comments)
Posted by dlx @ 11:28 CST, 25 November 2010 - iMsg
how is this possible? I saw on stermy stream, and all the players use 4:3 on TFT with black stripes i could tape my monitor for few games with black adhesive tape, but its not good solution tho!
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ESL Major Series Season VII TDM (1 comment)
Posted by dlx @ 06:52 CDT, 22 June 2010 - iMsg

I hope new maps will come soon.
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