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Visor will have wallhack (61 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 11:09 CDT, 25 July 2016 - iMsg
Tim Willits on Quake Champions:
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Now kith (3 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 10:02 CDT, 25 May 2016 - iMsg
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Buy wireless mice instead now! (28 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 08:12 CDT, 5 April 2016 - iMsg
They're better, it's proven!

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The $35 Tek Syndicat mouse anyone? (8 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 06:35 CDT, 19 March 2016 - iMsg
Apparently you can't make it start at a certain time when you emped here, so jump to 49 seconds.

Link to their store.
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What music? Parrot's got its groove on! (3 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 18:31 CDT, 23 April 2010 - iMsg

What music is this? I need it!


I found it \o/

Trolley Snatcha: The Future

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Something (1 comment)
Posted by netrex @ 01:41 CST, 2 January 2010 - iMsg

My first thought when I started seeing it was that I wasn't going to see it, but I did, hilarious :P
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Freestyle Rap Battle: Translated (3 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 07:36 CST, 29 November 2009 - iMsg
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Coin-Up Helicopter Game (22 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 20:26 CST, 11 November 2009 - iMsg
When I was younger (early '90) I played a coin-up helicopter game regularly. It's 2D and you look down at the landscape and chopper and the landscape scrolls down so you fly "up" on the monitor. There were four kinds of weapons you could use, red (the default), blue (often most powerful and most used), green or yellow.

You could upgrade them so they got more powerful,and if you switched colors of your weapons by a power-up that appeared at times, you kept the level of upgrades so if you went from blue to red, red was as upgraded as it would have been if you'd used it as long as the blue before you switched.

I can't find it (I suck at using Google), so I hoped anyone here knew of it \o/
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Escape from City 17 (1 comment)
Posted by netrex @ 17:28 CDT, 14 October 2009 - iMsg
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Telnet Star Wars (4 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 22:51 CDT, 4 September 2009 - iMsg
I found a text file from 2002, and this still works :P

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Another Brain Teaser (10 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 12:42 CDT, 13 August 2009 - iMsg
Three guys came two a small town and were looking for somewhere to sleep. They saw a house where it said "Room Available", so they asked the price and was told it was $10 per night per person. So they payed, got their keys and went to their rooms.

Later the owner came by and asked if there were any visitors, and he was told three guys had rented a room each. He asked how much they payed and was told $10 each. He said "Let's be nice to them, take $5 and give it back to them", so the clerk took $5 and walked towards the rooms thinking it would be hard to divide $5 on three guys, so he took $2 for him self and gave the visitors $1 each.

So now they'd payed $9 each, that's $27 total, plus the $2 the clerk stole becomes $29. Where's the last dollar?
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V remake (2 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 20:14 CDT, 1 August 2009 - iMsg
The V series is coming back as a remake it seems. This used to freak me out as a kid, the old series I mean. Looks good to me.
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Tron Legazy HD Trailer (22 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 02:43 CDT, 28 July 2009 - iMsg

I think you have to go to YouTube to see it in HD.
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Does your cat make too much noise? (12 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 02:34 CDT, 27 July 2009 - iMsg
Try Kitten Mittens:

I'm probably tired, but I've been lolling of this all night :P
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Terminator Salvation (26 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 14:48 CST, 3 March 2009 - iMsg
Gotta love the latest trailer. It might be hope yet that the two new movies will be very very good.
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Tetris for Windows = FUBAR (11 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 20:08 CST, 25 December 2008 - iMsg
I've been playing this game for a long time, and I just managed to pass 30k in points, and the last time I checked it was above 32k somewhere, then the next time I check the score, there was a minus (-) infront of the score :O And it was sinking. When I didn't manage any more, it was at -29010, so naturally, no high score placing...

Where is the logit in that? Any go an idea of what happened?

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Noisy ad complaint! (20 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 15:50 CDT, 18 October 2008 - iMsg
The ad for the Fiesta free MMORPG is insanely annoying.

It's weird they make ads that are that annoying. It's one thing to have sounds when the mouse moves over it, but this...

Those who made it should be hit in the balls with a softgun!
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About the journals :P (1 comment)
Posted by netrex @ 17:22 CDT, 8 August 2008 - iMsg

Also, here you can write something..
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Too funny :D I CAN HAS HUMOR! (2 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 16:19 CDT, 8 August 2008 - iMsg
Seriously, that was a bit funny at least, right? =)
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Report a Terrorist in Britain! (30 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 02:32 CDT, 29 July 2008 - iMsg
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Photography (43 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 20:54 CDT, 27 July 2007 - iMsg
I've gotten hooked on photography. After I bought my first camera, a Canon PowerShow S3 IS, in desember 2006, I've been doing pretty much nothing else. Now I've had my new Pentax K10D for a little while, and it's wonderful.

So I'm trying to become photographer and I'm gonna study that to realize this.

All of the sudden, yesterday was a sunny beautiful day, so I took Rulle with me (a dog I'm taking care of) on a hike up the mountain behind the house here, and I took with me my tripod and camera to get some pictures of this absolutely beautiful place where I've lived for about a year now.

Here is the result:

The panorama picture, image number 9 in this album, is from 7 vertical eksposure combined in to one image at about 35.7 megapixels (9206x3884) which I'm gonna order in about 140cm x 60cm :) Gotta love panoramas!

Anywho. Hope you like the pictures :)

On request, panorama as wallpaper:
- 1680 wide

I made a new panoramic image tonight:
- 1680 wide

Other sizes can be made available :)
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Eclipse (6 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 08:29 CDT, 3 August 2006 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: - (0 votes)
This is a short video showing how the Half-Life 2 total conversion mod Eclipse looks and plays.

Eclipse is developed by a bunch of students as a project that lasted five months in total, the only update that has been released is to make it playable on lower spec systems with cards like nVidia GeForce 2.

The story and gameplay has nothing to do with the HL universe and looks nothing like it. It's a fantasy game where you control the young woman Violet from a third person perspective, but it's not like World of Warcraft or the Diablo series games, because you have to aim and move properly like in FPS games to survive and make use of your magical skills.

Unfortunately, it's a very short game, but it's good as long as it lasts, and after you've played through it, you get access to a mini game where you try to survice on one map as long as you can to get a higher score while enemies keep spawning to take you down.

Nothing more to say enjoy and be sure to download this mod and give it a go your self :)

Visit the Eclipse website (not always up though..)

Or get it at ModDB.

For screenshots from the video, check

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WSVG2006 Q4 Vids: fox vs. fooki Done! (52 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 15:43 CDT, 28 June 2006 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8.4 (4 votes)
Map 2 in the fox vs. fooki loser's bracket, round 2, match 1 from the WSVG 2006 @ DreamHack Summer is up. Waiting for Google Video approval and mirror to come up. Google Video for blue vs. toxic @ Monsoon is available also.

These are one map per video both POVs switching in a follow-the-killer style.

If you wonder which matches are which in the tournament, you can check the WSVG bracekts.

Big thanks to Ms.X and Liefje for getting the demos up so fast :) If you want to see these matches in full quality or with your own config, get the demos from VIA CGA (

You can choose between watching them at Google Video or downloading them in full quality from the available mirrors. Thanks to RogeR for the mirrors <3
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Make Your Own Sam & Max Comic Strip! (9 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 12:08 CDT, 15 June 2006 - iMsg
It's fun :D

One I made, not very good though, helps if you've seen Little Britain :P

One by primax:
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Experience HL2DM by netrex (27 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 22:47 CST, 8 January 2006 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 7.5 (5 votes)
This is a Half-Life 2: Deathmatch hightlights movie. It contains frags by me, some fun stuff, some weird stuff, some cool stuff, but mostly frags.

It's a bit long, but it's hard not putting stuff in after you've seen through a ton of demos, but hopefully you'll think it's worth the download ;)

Nothing more to say than Enjoy!

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Mine. A BF2 movie by Noken (38 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 17:02 CDT, 15 September 2005 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8.7 (25 votes)
Snoken have made a movie where a few fun scenes has been remade in BF2 and it's very well made, so it's a lot of fun. The scenes are from, or inspired by, movies like Monty Python and Finding Nemo among others.

Be sure to check out Noken's other movies The Biggest and the Best and Battlefield Double Dash. If Mine is anything to rate them by, they're worth checking out as well.

Sources: Q3W &
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Matrix Revolution remade in Half-Life 2 (15 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 14:47 CDT, 9 September 2005 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 4.7 (5 votes)
This is a machinima movie made by Dorohnl.
"Done on Sep. 7th 2005. This is my first attempt at Half-Life 2 machinima making.

Tools used : Source Hammer, 3dmax, Faceposer, and Cannonfolder's Half-Life 2 Tools. I had no prior experience with 3dmax until I started the project :)

Basically I tried to recreate each scene from the original trailer with the exact same cut and angle within the Source Engine.

The sound effects and music are from the original trailer (or the ending of Enter The Matrix)

Have fun :D
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Holocaust by phrenic & drugs-bunny (3 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 02:41 CDT, 18 August 2005 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 7.5 (1 vote)
After working all summer on their masterpiece entitled "Holocaust", the creation by Sweden Phrenic and Norway Drugs-Bunny has finally been released.
Featuring frags, bores, tricks and quadruns by some known and some lesser known players in the QuakeWorld community.

Trailer is 37MiB, normal quality is 224MiB, high quality is 467MiB.
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Baby Got Back by Nessa (10 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 06:21 CDT, 10 August 2005 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 6 (1 vote)
This is a short and funny WoW montage by Nessa synched to the song Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot.

I searched for this vid with google, but found nothing, so that's all I know. Let me know where it's from and I'll link to it etc.. =)
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2 x Q4 Wallpapers (13 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 21:35 CDT, 9 August 2005 - iMsg
I made two simple Quake 4 wallpapers. Enjoy =)

Click thumbnail for preview.
Download as BMP:

Click thumbnail for preview.
Download as BMP:
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Requiem for Demos by Igor"egious"Novikov (124 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 14:56 CDT, 20 July 2005 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8.4 (104 votes)
Taken from the description by c-dr!k:
"Special presentation for the first Moscow International Cyber-Movie Festival.

This event ended 17 july 2005 in the biggest internet club called "FlashBack".

This movie won the 1st place, enjoy.

© 2005 Moscow, Igor "egious" Nivikov
This movie is made in the memory of the russian Q3 server Q3.DEMOS.SU which was created on January 5th 2000 and terminated May 1st 2004.

Maybe you have seen the trailer that was released some time ago, and if you enjoyed that, you should download this movie. It's not a frag movie, so don't expect any frags. But if you like gaming movies in general, and Q3 this is a must-download.
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Predicted - A HL2DM movie by Jager (29 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 12:04 CDT, 15 June 2005 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 6.5 (10 votes)
Predicted is an EFF-KULT HL2DM highlightsmovie by Jager.

The movie contains frags by the Eala Freya Fresena ist KULT clan (m3z, ferdi, tobsen, fussel, Jager and honk) mixed in with tricks and curiosities now and then.

This is Jager's first movie, but you wouldn't know that by looking at it. It's a fast-paced movie with awsome and fun frags with good music that really puts you in the right mode and gives you a rush from watching it, so enjoy!

Resolution: 720x480
Duration: 7:37
Video Codec: XviD (Can be downloaded here at Nic's XviD Binaries & Paraphernalia)

(Press either the arrow pointing down-right next to the text Vorhang auf!!!, or the text it self to get see the mirrors.)
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City 17 by Daniel Eggert (12 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 19:11 CDT, 8 June 2005 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8.2 (5 votes)
This is a Half-Life 2 fan movie where real life footage and ingame stuff is mixed.

Quote from the creators original post:
"I wrote my thesis about CGI/live action footage compositing which inspired me to produce a shortmovie with CG special effects. this movie was created by me in roughly 2 weeks, I spent 15 hours a day working on it and Im really happy with the result even tho I wished I had more time to improve it. I used content of the game Half Life 2 such as 3D models, sound fx and music made by Valve Software."
Resolution is only 320x192, but it lasts 9:25, so it's ok for it's size.

Update: The high resolution version is in 640x384 pixels, so it's quite a bit bigger than the low res. =)

Not all the links in that forum work.
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I'm Still Seeing Breen by Paul Marino (53 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 14:51 CDT, 15 April 2005 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 7.8 (23 votes)
This is a machinima music video by Paul Marino rendered in Half-Life 2. The music used is So Cold by Breaking Benjamin.

This is a great music video and it's very well made. The way Marino uses G-Man in this way makes it very powerful IMO and it totally blew me away when I saw it and it continues to do so whenever I see it. So if you like either Half-Life 2, machinima or simply music videos (in this case, it will help if you've played HL2 though), make sure you see this video!

This is version 1.1, so if you have the first release this has better faceanimation on G-Man as it's rendered in HL2 and not in FacePoser and captured with Fraps as it was the case with the first release.

Make sure to visit Marinos website:And for more details on this production: (also on his website)I've uploaded the HQ WMV 1.1 (71.4MiB) version of this movie to FileFront to save some bandwitdh for Marinos site so take that in mind when you download ;) There is a LQ WMV 1.1 (20MiB) version, a HQ DivX 1.1 (60MiB) version and a PSP 1.1 (28MiB) version on his site, so if you want one of those, you have to go there.
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Hoverboarding by ComradeBadger (3 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 00:35 CDT, 5 April 2005 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 6 (1 vote)
yle="border:1px solid #000000;float:left;margin-right:5px;margin-bottom:7px;" alt="Hoverboarding by ComradeBadger Screenshot" src="">Shows some hoverboarding by ComradeBadger and Gravity Gun Jumps by netrex.

Resolution: 640×480
Duration: 1:28
Codec: XviD (bundled with the movie)

Mirror fixed now for those who tried it earlier when it wasn't working. Sorry for the inconvenience..
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Combine Ball vs. Gravity Gun (movieclip) (20 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 15:38 CST, 24 March 2005 - iMsg
Something strange happened while I played a practice match vs. gg|stormberg yesterday Never seen it before or heard about it happening, so I thought it could be interesting for others to see aswell. Could just as well be a common occurance ;)


And no! It's not just a CB caught with GG ;)
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I made a logo (sort of..) (7 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 20:36 CST, 10 March 2005 - iMsg
I found this on a search for netrex and images with Google, and I thought I'd make my own version and a friend suggested another tag-line, sub-text or whatever it's called.

This is the original:

This is my version:

Thx to (refresh to get different logos) for the original ;)
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LAN once again. (3 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 21:05 CST, 3 March 2005 - iMsg
Going to Finnmark Gathering a some hours drive away from here. gonna play Q3 and I only know of one other Q3 player that is actually going, so I might just win, or at least get second place ;) I'm not all that good at it ;) I get lots of nerves and I don't really warmup before more than half the match is over, and this happens on every map.

But I might not even get there if the bussdriver checks the date on my expired student-pass cause I'm extremely broke atm., so if I don't get any prices, I'm gonna have a really hard time getting home, cause all I can afford now is the trip to the event ;) Oh, the prices for Q3 are for 1st. price: 1.000NOK (121.69 EUR/159.52 USD) and for 2nd. price: 500NOK (60.84 EUR/79.76 USD).
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Phoenix Rising (6 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 16:54 CST, 19 February 2005 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8 (2 votes)
The movie Mavv and CptTrip's Guide To ET reminded me of the classic Phoenix Rising which is the best of these movies IMO :)

If you haven't seen it, I suggest you do, cause it's just hillariious ;) Very fun how they turn on and off rules like friendly fire etc ;)

I didn't find it on the site, so I though I'd post it so those who hadn't seen it could do so, cause it a definite must watch.

You should visit the site of the creators and see their other movies as well.
- Phoenix Reborn

I kinda forgot to complete this one ;) so better late than never.. ;)
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There and back again. A websites tale. (13 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 14:49 CST, 22 January 2005 - iMsg
I'm glad the site is back again. The best community site on all the web AFAIK. And I'm glad to see the old users returning and bringing back that good old feeling :) A big thanks to Sujoy for getting it back again and to Jolt for the hosting!

It's a new year, and I've realized I need to start embracing who really I am and who I want to be and try to make the two work together. I need to stop doing things half way and not step away from confrontation which is most likely the thing I fear the most. I've been closed up in my own world for the past 5 or 6 years, and it's starting to really affect my life now.

I've grown to accustom to living like this doing nothing and one of the things holding me back is the thought of not being able to do it as much as I do now (doing nothing that is).

This is all a big cliché really, but that doesn't make it less real. I mean, life is just a big cliché, but it's still real. Or so we believe.

Anyways. This is my new years resolution. I figured it's better to let it all out there as that makes it harder to break ;) May you all have a great 2005 and beyond.
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Vice City Joyride by netrex (31 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 07:37 CST, 19 January 2005 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 9.2 (9 votes)
This movie shows stunts, failures, bugs, fun stuff etc. that happens while primax and I have been playing GTAVC.

It's not to show how good we are, but how fun, cool and crazy the game can be to play. Think of it as a tribute to one of the best singleplayer games of all time :D

The music and various audio tracks in this movie are excerpts from some of the radio channels from the games GTA, GTA2 and GTA3.

Nothing more to say, except Enjoy! :D
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Q5 - Reborn by Mr. White (60 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 19:50 CDT, 8 April 2004 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8.8 (43 votes)
A little quote from here:
This is the (perhaps) last part of the legandary Banned-Series form Germany with an end fight in real life !

This Movie is one of the best Q3 Story movies ever. It features Mr. White who gets from the "real world" into the "quake world".

Supreme Editing on the highest Level.

Altough the dialogues are in german, this movie is ja must-see for everyone who is intrested in excellent Q3 movies.
This movie is so hilarious! It's in german, but Baka, Suqx3s and Xtremo fixed subtitles, and it's well worth a look.

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Grand Theft Auto Galore (42 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 05:05 CST, 19 March 2004 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 7.8 (9 votes)
A GTA3/VC movie by me created from replays by Citizen|X, HurraTorpedo, O.C.H.N., primax and myself. It's mostly GTAVC though. It's not all just cool stunts, but also bugs and fun stuff that happens when you play =) But there are lots of stunts of course.

The movies soundtrack:
- The Mormones - God's Racing Lucifer's Chasing
- Apollo Smile - Thunder Box
- The Hives - Outsmarted
- Danko Jones - Get Outta Town
- Apollo 440 - Crazee Horse

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iT DeFrag by FU3L3D (118 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 04:24 CST, 26 February 2004 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 9.1 (61 votes)
A new movie by FU3L3D (formerly known as painmachine).

Insane runs by Team iT on DeFRaG maps with very good editing and music. This is a 'must download' if there ever was one. Specially for tricking movie fans.

The trickers in this movie are iT_1981, iT_aB1s, iT_belth, iT_CeTuS, iT_cyrus, iT_EdisDead, iT_Fallen, iT_m00m1n, iT_Meph1sto, iT_mrks, iT_Nihilanth, iT_roffo.
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I know I'm a bit slow. OK? (14 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 22:51 CST, 5 January 2004 - iMsg
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WARGASM - 3 Disturbed Little Boys (5 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 00:29 CST, 20 December 2003 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: - (0 votes)
First off. This is a Soldier of Fortune II movie.

The action in this movie is from August 2002 with me playing with two guys that lived in the same house as me. I made the movie clips then, but never completed the movie until now. It took up 20GB (25GB completed), and I need that space for a movie I'm gonna work on during christmas holidays.

Don't be to harsh on the frag action, cause we were (are :) quite newbies, and the movie is mainly created for our selves to watch, but I put it online cause others might enjoy it as well ;) And I hope you do.

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My favorite quotes (so far...) (25 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 12:51 CST, 8 December 2003 - iMsg
Listed numerically:

Please visit for more good quotes :)
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Odolinski - chapter 2 by sozou (36 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 12:01 CDT, 7 May 2003 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 7.5 (5 votes)
The creator of the Norslund movie has just released a new movie, and it's just as good as the previous one, if not even better.

This is one of the best CS movies I've ever seen. So if you like CS, or movies, or just gaming movies, this is a must download.

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Riddle: What am I talking about? (27 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 05:01 CDT, 26 April 2003 - iMsg

What am I talking about?
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Norslund CS movie by sozou (34 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 20:59 CST, 23 February 2003 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 5 (15 votes)
This movie isn't entirely new, but it is, as far as I am concerned, the best CS movie out there. It has by far the best editing. Something which makes the video work very well with the soundtrack. The creator, sozou, has done a very very good job IMO.

This movie is a must have if you like gaming movies, which is why I post it as major. I am really surprised that it's not posted here all ready.

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Special Assault Force Toivonen by Pekka (9 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 09:38 CST, 15 November 2002 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 4.3 (2 votes)
This is a Half-Life frag highlights movie with frags by my friend [SAFT]Pekka and other [SAFT] members.

It contains some really cool and skilled frags, so I hope you all like it :)

Thanks to own-age for hosting it :)

There is the complete movie and a shorter (naturally) teaser. For the teaser you need Quicktime or a player that handles Quicktime movie files. The compelte movie uses DivX.

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battousAi - the movie - spring 2002 (21 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 10:08 CDT, 28 August 2002 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 5.7 (17 votes)

The Unreal Tournament clan battousAi has released a movie with fragaction performed by their members.

The movie is a bit over a month old, and it's well worth the download :)

Here is some info on the movie:
duration: 6:45
resolution: 640×480 pixels
video codec: DivX (if you got 5.02, you're safe)

- The battousAi website
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the abuze Experience - CFU @ TDLan (15 comments)
Posted by netrex @ 02:08 CST, 21 March 2002 - iMsg

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This is my first movie. I made in early December 2001. It's a bit big, but I hate when movies like this are low quality and you can't really see any details of what's going on, so I made it really high-quality. (HQ version is out, and MQ is online, but it looks better ;)

It contains frags done by me (abuze was my nick then) and primax which also is a member of CFU from a LAN held here in Tromsø.

Well, nothing more to say, other then Enjoy!
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