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Ordered the Abyssus on a whim... (8 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 08:48 CDT, 24 September 2010 - iMsg
It's quite cheap here (Around 20 USD if converted) so I thought I'd give it a shot. I'm aware of all the jitter issues it has but the shape is interesting.

Anything I should know to get the best out of it? I'm planning on using it at 450 DPI and 1000hz. Are there any better settings for this mouse?

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Sachin Tendulkar (1 comment)
Posted by ashr @ 14:21 CST, 24 February 2010 - iMsg
First double hundred in the history of one day cricket. FUCK.
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Our Hero (38 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 07:56 CST, 28 January 2010 - iMsg
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My CRT exploded. (33 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 09:29 CDT, 4 September 2009 - iMsg
I was playing dota and my CRT literally just blew up. boom. smoke.

i'm on a terrible LCD now and it's painful to play quake on this. i can't hit shit. my accuracies have dropped by 20%

any recommendations on a new monitor that's not terribly expensive and is good for quake? i only have access to the "big names" like Samsung, Dell, Viewsonic etc.
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Kaleidoscope by mrks (109 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 10:06 CDT, 6 July 2009 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 7.7 (87 votes)
Here's a brand new Quake 3 Trickjumping movie by mrks of Shaolin Productions. Featuring Buddha.

Check it out.
sp^mrks: So I had these demos for a while now, buddha disappeared into nowhere somewhen in 2007.
Actually the first project files are dated july 2006 when I promised him another video
which is done now. enjoy! :)

Runtime: 4 minutes and 36 seconds.
Codec: X264

1080p coming soon.
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We didn't start the flame war. (2 comments, locked)
Posted by ashr @ 14:11 CDT, 22 April 2009 - iMsg
I'm not usually a fan of stuff but i really liked this one.

Already posted, use that thread instead if you want to discuss this.
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Time Sculpture (11 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 06:54 CDT, 10 March 2009 - iMsg
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Ryu with High Myopia (18 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 02:04 CST, 15 December 2008 - iMsg
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HAI (41 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 06:48 CST, 13 November 2008 - iMsg
Y UZE Q4MAX WEN XBM BEST????????????????????
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Posted by ashr @ 09:19 CST, 2 November 2008 - iMsg
My WMO finally has some trouble with the wiring after 3 years of intense usage. I can't use it anymore though as it turns off randomly while I'm playing. Using an IE 3.0 atm and although I love the shape, the size and weight are a bit too much for me. The IE 3 shape + the WMO scale and weight would be my perfect mouse but anyway, I need to get something smaller and lighter.

I was gonna buy 3 WMO's but that fell through. I can't seem to find them anywhere in India these days. Any suggestions on similar mice?

My options so far are Razer Krait and Salmosa but I don't really know the technical difference between the two. I don't need side buttons so there's no reason to pay extra for a Diamondback. The problem is I'm rather skeptical about buying Razer after having 2 Diamondbacks die out on me out of nowhere.

Anything from Logitech, perhaps? The G3 shape is comfy but I use a pretty low sens and I heard it skips.

Bah. Dunno. Help would be great. Thanks in advance.
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Griffin, thats what im sayin (245 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 04:36 CDT, 30 October 2008 - iMsg

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Rating: 7.5 (104 votes)
So griffin sends me this stash of demos and I'm like wtf do I do with em brah and he's like make me a movie yo so yea here ya go.

VQ3 with 1 CPM run.

I didn't use motion blur cuz I wanted the vid to feel really chaotic and intense. It runs for about 4 minutes and 12 seconds. Lots of first person action for the pov freaks. Turn up the volume.

This movie is NOT suitable for finnish movie directors and their sidekicks

edit : All versions up. Big thanks to Liam, Roger, masta and Tchouky for mirrors! <3

those with x264 playback problems on VLC, try Media Player Classic with latest ffdshow and haali media splitter
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Tom Green is pretty good. (No comments)
Posted by ashr @ 08:30 CDT, 19 October 2008 - iMsg
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FAIL (2 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 22:03 CDT, 16 October 2008 - iMsg
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Windrunner and Admiral Proudmoore. (3 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 10:09 CDT, 8 October 2008 - iMsg
Alleria is nice. Kunkka seems rather imba.
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"25 Beautiful Macro Photography Shots" (5 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 11:18 CDT, 23 September 2008 - iMsg

some eye candy in there but I thought most of them were boring. oh well, maybe someone will find them interesting.
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need help - ESWC 2008 movie. (13 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 00:37 CDT, 3 September 2008 - iMsg
I'm gonna make a small movie that shows off stuff from ESWC 2008. If anyone comes across some great action, please put down the time and a small description over here if you can. It would be very helpful. Thanks.

Gamegune and Masters demos are good too.
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This ESWC taught me something... (48 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 22:43 CDT, 26 August 2008 - iMsg
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Another ESWC Masters movie :O (No comments)
Posted by ashr @ 15:24 CDT, 8 July 2008 - iMsg
Over the weekend, I kinda started a bit of work on a short ESWC Masters vid which would kinda be like my previous video 'Three'. Turns out that link1n is making one too. I'm not sure how much he's gotten done but I personally haven't done much... just watched a few demos for frags and picked a few tracks to choose from. Haven't started capturing or anything.

Now 2 vids with the same content would be boring so I'm not sure whether to go on or just wait for ESWC Grand Finals for more content. An alternate plan is to make a comprehensive movie on all ESWC events from 2008. This includes the finals, the Masters and all the local qualifiers. However, this totally depends on the time I get in the coming months as I might be in between switching jobs.

Should I just make a short movie now as I have time for it or take a gamble on the time I get later on seeing as link1n is already making one of Masters...?

Suggestions would be nice. Thanks.
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Rafael Nadal... (No comments)
Posted by ashr @ 15:39 CDT, 6 July 2008 - iMsg
just won my respect! What a crazy match!
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new mousemat (No comments)
Posted by ashr @ 11:53 CDT, 4 June 2008 - iMsg
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Guitar Hero fans... (13 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 02:37 CDT, 23 May 2008 - iMsg
can give Frets on Fire a shot.

I've been watching my buddy playing it. He seems pretty addicted to it and it looks like a lot of fun. Good, free open source alternative for GH and it lets you add your own songs afaik.
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So I'm really pissed off now... (18 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 10:48 CDT, 21 May 2008 - iMsg
ESWC India has been canceled with less than 10 days to go for the qualifiers. I'm quite upset as I practiced as often as I could and was really confident about winning. I even tried hard to revive a small but dead scene by renting a server when all of India had none, by organizing weekend duel tournaments and trying to get people to play. However, I'm not pissed off with the local organizers at all. The guy behind it is a friend of mine and I know he tried really hard to make it happen but it fell through due to reasons behind his control. It's just really bad luck for us all over here.


The worst part is that I got to go to ESWC in 2006 for Quake 4, a game I didn't care about at all but I can't go now when I really want to. I would still get destroyed by the top players but it would have been fun to play them in a game I love before giving up 'competitive' gaming for good.

Anyway, rant over. Time to get back to dota and real life where I'm having a lot of fun at the moment.
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s2o - Showtime. (60 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 04:06 CDT, 2 April 2008 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 7.8 (57 votes)
Since people here seem to like mini Q3 vids, I thought I'd post this. My buddy at shaoprod, Mdoo made this little movie about his clan and the fun they have playing CTF pickups with a little bit of co-ordination over Teamspeak.

It isn't about frags. It isn't about mind blowing content. There's no first person footage at all. It sure made me lol though.

See if you like it.
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Three (170 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 14:07 CDT, 31 March 2008 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 7.9 (77 votes)
What?: A mini tribute to Q3 made over the weekend.

Who?: Some really good players.

Why?: Bored.

Exactly 3 minutes long as I don't have time to do a longer vid at the moment (Sorry for the filesize as well). I also don't have time to do multiple 2 pass encodes unfortunately.
Hope you like it.

XViD not x264
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would anyone like to see... (11 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 11:02 CDT, 31 March 2008 - iMsg
... a small vq3 frag movie featuring pro players with lots of first person?
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HOORAY! (40 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 09:26 CDT, 19 March 2008 - iMsg
ESWC India Qualifiers confirmed :D wish me luck :P
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Christopher Walken... (31 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 02:05 CDT, 19 June 2007 - iMsg
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anyone interested in art and animation.. (7 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 09:06 CDT, 10 June 2007 - iMsg
should check out Ryan Larkin's old short films. very nice stuff imo, especially for the time when they were made.

Syrinx (1965) -

Walking (1969) -

Street Musique (1972) -

sadly, the drugs got to him.
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GG South Africa (47 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 16:15 CDT, 28 March 2007 - iMsg
close game with the Sri Lankans! i almost thought Sri Lanka would win this at the end.
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Cmon India... Pack your bags. (75 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 18:29 CDT, 19 March 2007 - iMsg
Cricket fans will know what i'm talking about :(
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The winter seems to be over. (59 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 08:59 CDT, 14 March 2007 - iMsg
At first flash of eden, we race down to the sea.
Standing there on freedom's shore.

Can you feel it, now that spring has come?
And it's time to live in the scattered sun.

Waiting for the sun, Waiting for the sun, Waiting for the sun.
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Cattuthaj Jhana by Shaolin Productions (140 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 08:09 CDT, 3 September 2006 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 7.6 (55 votes)
mrks, the guy behind the famous Cetus movies and Freeform unveils his latest creation, Cattuthaj Jhana. This is a Quake 3 trickjumping video featuring two extremely skilled trickers, umeK and buddha from clan Qiang Shi.

cristal, fresh after the completion of Unity has aided the project by editing 3 minutes of the movie. The video also comes with 6 different audio mixes to give people a choice of music styles. The demos have also been included in the archive.

Note: The "menu" was done by umeK himself. If you dont want to use the launcher to watch the video you can grab the .avi in the /video/ directory.
Also included with the launcher is the media player classic and the ffdshow filter to guarantee you smooth playback.

Running Time - 11 minutes and 46 seconds
Codec Required - XviD
Resolutions - 1280x720 (HQ) 720x405 (MQ)

Edited by ashr at 06:51 CDT, 4 September 2006 - 56825 Hits
Round3 Trailer (68 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 13:38 CDT, 21 August 2006 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8.4 (21 votes)
It's my birthday today \o/ so I'm giving you guys a small teaser to the project I'm currently working on.

Shaolin Productions presents Round3, the sequel to the RA3 classic of 2003 made by rocketbear. (link). You can expect to see quite a few breathtaking frags by rocketbear and his friends. This is a small preview of things to come.

A few of you may whine that it's all RA3 but I'll try to edit it well and keep it interesting :)

Available in 1280x720 and 800x450 resolutions. Codec required is XviD. The HD version may require a fast computer. Duration of the trailer is 1 minute and 10 seconds.

I hope you like it.
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Unity by fei and cristal (166 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 19:29 CDT, 13 August 2006 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 9 (89 votes)
We gave you Anti-Conformist a few days back but we don't feel like stopping :)

Five months after the trailer Chip 'n Dale... err I mean fei and cristal of Shaolin Productions have finished Unity, a Quake 3 team trickjumping video featuring a total of 27 trickers from around the world.

From the readme :
Some of the greatest team tricks you have ever seen. Lead by iT_raTe, many less famous yet highly skilled trickers took up the task of filling in the hole left by Team iT after the dishearting cancelation of "iTeam" which was going be edited by mrks (the demos got leaked, care-level dropped to zero).

Many of these demos shown are high ping (200+) and are some very complex timing, so please apreciate the skill involved, hopefully cristal and I have shown the content in a way that improves the look and feel of Q3 vq3 tricking. There is a balance of weapons and maps, cams and effects, that should please even non Q3 players.

Duration : 17 minutes 05 seconds
Codec : x.264, XviD

Note - The x.264 HD version requires a very good CPU for proper playback due to its high resolution (1280x720). Most people would be better off downloading the x.264 HQ version which looks very good anyway. Download the HD version only if you are sure that your computer can handle it (usually atleast 2.5ghz and higher)

For those who prefer something a little more 'chilled out' than the psy-trance track, there is an alternative available in the same file itself. You can switch to it when using a player like MPC or VLC. (Right click the video, Audio -> 2nd track is how you do it in MPC)
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Anti-Conformist by Tchouky. (159 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 03:49 CDT, 6 August 2006 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 6.8 (109 votes)
Many of you may probably remember the video Deception by Tchouky that was released sometime in 2004. Well, after a long two year gap, he decided to stop being lazy and make us all at Shaolin Productions very proud again :)

The result is Anti-Conformist, a frag, trick, Quake 3 vid(!!!) where he displays his really cool bot programming skills once again. If Visor could do 3x RJ's, maybe Mynx can dance. Expect some fragging that is probably impossible to do without the scripting as well. In short, it is a pure visual treat that is definitely worth checking out. hf.

[23:00] <+uv-Max-> isn't the term, non-conformist? :O
[23:00] <@sp^fei> no, we are being anti-conformist by not conforming to the conformist way of naming the non-conformist.

Duration : 6 minutes
Codec : x.264

More mirrors and an Xvid version coming soon.
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Unity Trailer (60 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 11:07 CST, 20 March 2006 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8.2 (31 votes)
fei and cristal of Shaolin Productions had nothing to do so they whipped up a small trailer for their upcoming Quake 3 Team Trickjumping video starring iT_raTe, nebula, flesh and others. Unity... coming soon.

Running time : 1 minute 14 seconds
Filesize : 14mb

x264 and XviD versions available.
Edited by Fred at 18:08 GMT, 20th Mar 2006 - 52007 Hits
Mercurial (217 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 22:03 CST, 11 January 2006 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8.8 (123 votes)
mer·cu·ri·al (mr-kyr-l)

Having the characteristics of eloquence, shrewdness, swiftness, and thievishness attributed to the god Mercury.

Running Time : 13 minutes
Codec : x.264

Note - XviD version should be up in a day. I'm sorry for the delay but my crapload runs at 7kbps :/
Edited by sp^ashr at 19:52 GMT, 14th Jan 2006 - 145500 Hits
Lepus - A CPM Defrag video (64 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 16:56 CST, 15 December 2005 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8.6 (21 votes)
Fei of Shaolin Productions, famous for his work on Get Quaked 3 presents to you his latest creation Lepus, a CPM Defrag video featuring clan eXtreme Rage.

While not a project as big as GQ3, this video is certainly enjoyable with skilled CPM as well as VQ3 Defrag runs, clean editing, unique camera angles and music mixed by Shaolin Production's very own jrb.

Both x264 and XviD versions are available from the list of mirrors on HF.

Duration - 18 minutes 39 seconds
Edited by sp^ashr at 08:38 GMT, 19th Dec 2005 - 68940 Hits
Speed Trial by [aR Lek Sey] (45 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 19:17 CST, 22 November 2005 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 7.7 (21 votes)
Here's a new defrag movie by [aR Lek Sey] of Seven-video bringing you impressive runs by Genosh and Jackal of clan [black shadows]. High quality content and editing make this video a must download.

Duration : 8 minutes 33 seconds
Codec : x264

Edited by Levi240 at 01:39 GMT, 23rd Nov 2005 - 51233 Hits
Admiratio by sp^Wussie and TP|Fjoggs (43 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 17:31 CDT, 25 October 2005 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 6.1 (7 votes)
Fjoggs of Twilight Pictures & Wussie of Shaolin Productions present to you: Admiratio - A Quake 4 Trickjumping movie.
Quoted by Wussie:-
This movie features all kinds of tricks on almost all standard Quake 4 maps, performed by Fjoggs, Wussie and Niklz.. All of this is synched to a few catchy, stylish tunes.

The main attraction would be the new Trickjumping technique Niklz and me found, but you'll have to download in order to check it out!

For me, the main reason to make this video was to prove to the Quake community that Quake 4 DOES have Tricking AND Moviemaking potential, even though both aren't perfect yet (namely the Moviemaking stuff), it's still possible to create a decent video with it.

Enjoy! And thanks for downloading

Running Time : 5 mins 45 seconds
Codec : XviD
Edited by sp^ashr at 22:47 GMT, 25th Oct 2005 - 50296 Hits
Anathema : Trailer by Wussie. (6 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 09:15 CDT, 14 October 2005 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 7 (2 votes)
Earlier today, Shaolin Productions presented to you Get Quaked 3. While the editors are taking a well deserved rest, the rest of the boys at SP are being busy little bees. Wussie, the creator of the recent 'Nameless' is proud to give you the trailer to his current project, Anathema. This file was included in the bigger version of the GQ3 archive but those who don't have it can grab it now. HF.

Running Time : 0 mins 51 seconds.
Codec : x264 & XviD versions available.
Edited by sp^ashr at 14:16 GMT, 14th Oct 2005 - 16041 Hits
Get Quaked 3 (219 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 19:55 CDT, 13 October 2005 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8.5 (107 votes)
The third installment of the famous Quake 3 frag video series which could quite possibly be one of the most anticipated game videos ever is out now. From the creators of Bullshit Expedition 2 and Dedicated - Robo-K1ll & Fei, comes a movie where Quake 3 is taken to a new level... again.
The frags are of really high quality so turn up the volume, full screen the movie and remove (violently if needed) any other distractions. Get Quaked 3 from Twilight Pictures and Shaolin Productions. Enjoy.

Running Time : 19 minutes 15 seconds.
Codec : x264. (xvid version coming soon for those with a slow computer/having trouble)

Those following the game video scene regularly may recall the above mentioned editors being a part of a different group. Along with this video, we are proud to announce to you the merge between Shaolin Productions and Twilight Pictures. Read more at

TECHNICAL/IMPORTANT: In case of poor playback or bad quality try turning off post processing in fddshow playback settings. right click on the icon in your system tray while playing back the movie to check if it is on. Some have seen that this setting totally ruins a movie so its best left off. Follow the ReadMe for more info.

Edit : The bigger version of the GQ3 archive contained the trailer to Anathema by Wussie of Shaolin Productions. Those who don't have it can download it here.

Edited by Nicky at 00:03 CST, 12 January 2008 - 209000 Hits
Ah, 21 (38 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 09:18 CDT, 22 August 2005 - iMsg
legal drinking age but i think i'm gonna stop drinking as a birthday resolution :) well atleast for sometime...
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1000 (16 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 12:53 CDT, 11 July 2005 - iMsg
uhm yea whatever blah blah
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Bullshit Expedition 2 by Robo-K1ll (47 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 10:36 CST, 1 April 2005 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 6.4 (26 votes)
From the description on :

A Quake III Arena Frag Highlights video made by Alex Curson. This video was made over a 9 month period and shows some of the best frags from Bullshit Enterprises, and a few others. The movie is a different format from most other quake movies, each star having their own "part", consisting of an entire song. It's not easy collecting a lot of "good" footage by yourself and I think we have all done very well in doing so.

Starring Roffo, BUN, rocketbear, Belth, 2pak, RepTile, Robo-K1ll, Fei, Gambit, Mudvain, Nytlord, Recon
This movie should keep you occupied for a good half hour. Enjoy!
Edited by AshR at 16:42 GMT, 1st Apr 2005 - 32430 Hits
egd by an anonymous noob (175 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 03:04 CST, 14 March 2005 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 5.6 (50 votes)
I present to you my latest creation, a frag highlights movie featuring the polish cpma player sh4un.

The duration of the movie is 8:09 mins and it weighs around 181mb.
Resolution: 640x480 @ 30fps
Codec: XviD 1.03 from
Edited by AshR at 06:14 GMT, 15th Mar 2005 - 87540 Hits
ahhh.. finally (2 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 03:17 CST, 13 March 2005 - iMsg
its been a long time since i've updated my journal here. I've just completed work on my latest movie project 'Egd by an anonymous noob'. It should be available for download shortly :)
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Reaching Aural Nirvana by mrks (52 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 15:24 CST, 22 February 2005 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 7.2 (35 votes)
mrks of shaolin productions, known for great tricking jumping videos like the CeTuS movies and freeform has unveiled his latest creation. Reaching Aural Nirvana is a trickjumping video that is quite different from your generic trick vid. Here's what mrks has to say about it:

Taken from the description -
"It's a pleasure to present you our newest work. Reaching Aural Nirvana may be a bit of a different movie. It comes with chilled music in the first track, and a bit more danceable tunes in the second track, but overall the concept was to make a movie to relax to. LSD isn't included in the zip though. But there's a 7:10min trip that should make you reach another aural sphere. Coming with the support of 2 fs gods, I'm showing you my latest tricks. Music comes from Shpongle, Kyau vs. Albert, Astrix and the playboy number one - Benny Benassi.

Enjoy and be good !"
If you would like to sit back and relax to some smooth music and visuals, download this video now.
Edited by Sujoy at 01:50 GMT, 23rd Feb 2005 - 37002 Hits
Ravenholm Re-Run (7 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 12:45 CST, 27 January 2005 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 7.9 (7 votes)
This is a movie edited by jrb of shaolin productions featuring Lightning X blazing through the level of Ravenholm in just 1 minute and 36 seconds. Definitely a treat for half life fans.
Edited by zet at 00:18 GMT, 28th Jan 2005 - 10306 Hits
My videos (6 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 17:54 CST, 19 January 2005 - iMsg
Ah, feels good to post here again. All this while, i've been into movie making. I've joined Twilight Pictures, the group famous for the Get Quaked series and I've also put out a few vids of my own.

Carnage '04
Aerodynamic : The Promode Dance
egd by an anonymous noob - Trailer

I'm also currently on the lookout for demos of nice frags for an upcoming promode movie project named Mercurial
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Egd by an anonymous noob - Trailer (10 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 17:31 CST, 19 January 2005 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 7 (2 votes)
Trailer for the upcoming cpma frag highlights video featuring the polish cpma player, sh4un

For more info, visit and on Quakenet.
Edited by Sujoy at 12:09 GMT, 28th Jan 2005 - 9561 Hits
Aerodynamic : The Promode Dance (10 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 17:13 CST, 19 January 2005 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8.8 (12 votes)
I present to you a collection of jumps, runs and moves done in CPMA by mew and poub. My approach to this vid was simple yet different in its own way. I have attempted to synch the music to the mouse movements in this video. Enjoy the dance :)
Edited by Sujoy at 12:07 GMT, 21st Jan 2005 - 9911 Hits
down with the sickness. (10 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 05:51 CDT, 5 June 2004 - iMsg
damn it. i'm down with a stupid fever all of a sudden and this screws up my plans for the weekend :(

oh well, atleast i'm hot this way.
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a l i v e : trailer by mrpinkk (10 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 19:52 CDT, 10 May 2004 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 7 (1 vote)
In the past few months we have seen a whole lot of great q3 trickjump videos and they don't seem to stop coming. Adding to the list of upcoming q3 trick productions is a l i v e by mrpinkk, the maker of [Zero-60] and suave.

This trailer features Nihilanth, m1tsu, Belth and oTis performing freestyle tricks.

Duration - 2 minutes 15 seconds.
Codec Used - XviD
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cha0ticz -vs- cl0ck (1 comment)
Posted by ashr @ 20:21 CST, 19 January 2004 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: - (0 votes)
Gametype: Duel
Map: ztn3tourney1 - Blood Run
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: cha0ticz
Version info: 1.32
How to play back Q3 demos

cha0ticz playing cl0ck in an exhibition match for the GGL. first map played was pro-q3tourney4 followed by ztn3tourney1.

Update: Unfortunately this file is no longer available on ESR.
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czm -vs- soap (4 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 12:23 CST, 11 January 2004 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: - (0 votes)
Gametype: Duel
Map: pro-q3tourney4 - Vertical Vengeance
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: GTV
Version info: 1.32
How to play back Q3 demos

1st game between czm and soap in the brackets of cxg. very nice match

Update: Unfortunately this file is no longer available on ESR.
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ZeRo4 -vs- cl0ck (1 comment)
Posted by ashr @ 05:06 CST, 11 January 2004 - iMsg

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Rating: - (0 votes)
Gametype: Duel
Map: pro-q3tourney4 - Vertical Vengeance
Mod: N/A
Version info: 1.32
How to play back Q3 demos

1st game between ZeRo4 vs cl0ck in the group stages of CXG. ZeRo4 needs to beat cl0ck to advance after losing 2-1 to elpajuo.
This demo follows ZeRo4 most of the time.

Update: Unfortunately this file is no longer available on ESR.
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ZeRo4 -vs- cl0ck (9 comments)
Posted by ashr @ 04:52 CST, 11 January 2004 - iMsg

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Rating: - (0 votes)
Gametype: Duel
Map: pro-q3dm6 - Campgrounds
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: GTV
Version info: 1.32
How to play back Q3 demos

2nd game between ZeRo4 vs cl0ck in the group stages of CXG. ZeRo4 needs to beat cl0ck to advance after losing 2-1 to elpajuo

Update: Unfortunately this file is no longer available on ESR.
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