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Some news about osp update (407 comments)
Posted by analyzer @ 16:06 CDT, 3 April 2009 - iMsg
Since a lot of people were waiting for an answer from me/us about a possible update of OSP mod, I will try to make it short.

To introduce this, I will mention that the poll ( was clearly made to show that there is a lack with CPMA, and almost all major q3 players voted OSP update, not to mention the ClanBase Head admin Staff (Slajer / RiGhT).

Not to mention the quote from the winner of ESWC 2008:
Cypher: Well, I own at it right now and that is what I like about it but in reality, if I were to choose CPMA and OSP, I would choose OSP because it is better. The most interesting matches that were played in Quake 3 were played with OSP.

Major players like l1nkin (for example) among others were also supporting this idea.

Like I said, we tried our best to give the community an update of OSP mod as it is clearly the best. We got in touch with rhea about this, and we expected an update from himself, or to have the opportunity to help somehow.

Some informations from rhea:
"Hey man, thanks for the pointer to the thread. Definitely an interesting read :)
Iíll need to dig up the current source tree and review to determine if it is worthwhile to give out. I donít agree with a couple of the proposed changes, and some of the proposed changes actually exist (at least in code) in the current build.

Also, arQ doesnít have the latest source. I donít think he ever got the 1.03 updates. I also have some additions I made at Qcon one year, in regards to CTF (time held fixes, and some other stuff).

Also, for the record, I never endorsed CPMA replacing OSP. arQon wanted to merge the names so bad (dropping CPMA completely and just going with the OSP name brand), but even with his physics settings, it was still not the same mod as OSP proper, so I never gave my blessing."

NB: I don't really know if there is still a will to have this update with QL coming, but will be for sure available if there is a slight chance to help =)
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New european channel (85 comments)
Posted by analyzer @ 06:49 CST, 17 February 2007 - iMsg
Since Q3 is being less and less played by the community, especially TDM, the main objective of this news is to try to regain some motivation by launching a new channel to play both of these mods, but with imposed random european servers (from the Netherlands/Germany/United Kingdom/France).

So, I announce the creation of #division0, and I hope that some of you will help us (giving some Europeans server perhaps, or just play as often as possible).

We hope it could help merging all European players in a channel to launch the more games as possible.

In the meantime, I would like to thank all CB admins/supervisors who made Q3 TDM possible on NationsCup! (and especially megro/slajer/saharak !)

mIRC #division0 on IRC Quakenet
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