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Cannot continue without *48/*58 model when i playdemo :[ (No comments)
Posted by BattleRoyale @ 00:35 CDT, 1 August 2021 - iMsg
help help !

when i playdemo (old cs)a message appears on the console
*48 model not found (ver 1.0)
*58 model not found (ver 1.3)

thx bros
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Stealth update awesomeness, peak QC (3 comments)
Posted by Lam @ 06:19 CDT, 29 July 2021 - iMsg
- QC got updated yesterday (not the usual Thursday)

- BNL didn't say what it was updating for, there's no official announcement at or, so the only announcement was made by some guy on Reddit (link)

- I managed to play a single game before it crashed

- wrote a nice crash report (turret exploded over my dead body, maybe it had something to do with the crash)

- the crash dump reporter failed to send crash data to Bethesda, but helpfully suggested reporting it through

- doesn't work, spitting out API errors

- managed to get around it by logging in to first, but then trying to report an issue it gets stuck on empty "select a product page" (even though you had to select one before even getting a "submit ticket" button)

I just want to say, this is peak QC. Thing updates with no announcement, starts crashing immediately, then you're sent on a path of broken websites which leads to nothing :) (Broken websites are the standard there, anyone? Smoliczech saved the day on that front, now we need a t0st for actual client too ;))
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Windows is retarded and won't update; any fixes? (53 comments)
Posted by nex1 @ 15:05 CDT, 27 July 2021 - iMsg
Like apparently many other people, i got the infamous "update to windows 20H2 is ready" stuck update issue.

Windows update downloades the update to the "new" version, but fails to install it. Every time i restart or turn the pc on, it re-downloads it and pesters me with notifications to install it. But it always fails.

I've searched online and apparently it's an extremely common issues that's now months old. Which is ridicolous that it hasn't been fixed so far, and apparently won't ever.

Anyway there are about millions of different suggestions and approaches in how to fix it.

Everyone and their mothers seems to have a different suggestion, from the obviously basic can't-work ones like "try again" to stuff like deleting update folders and modifiy system lines.

Apparently microsoft even developed a specific tool to install that particular update that is downloadable from their official site.

And OF fucking COURSE it doesn't work. But it sure takes half an hour to tell you so.

Even launching the system repair tool doesn't work. But it will tell you so only after going trough the entire process.

The "simplest" solution seems to be the classic hard formatting of the whole pc, but like most people i have several hundreds gigabytes of programs and games installed on top of the usual personal folders, so reinstalling everything would take one whole day or more and i'd rather shoot myself in the testicles.

Do you have any suggestions in how to fix this mess without formatting everything?
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Quake Live: A Review From Personal Experience (10 comments)
Posted by videogamesarechildisha @ 01:39 CDT, 24 July 2021 - iMsg
Quake Live rode the crest of games as a service. Built initially as a web experience, id Software stood at the boundaries of asynchronous social development. Though the implementation was not ideal for many, the initial technical achievements were real. As senior developers departed id in pursuit more fruitful (not solely monetary) opportunities, the deflated Quake Live development team lost direction. The technical achievement of the beta release was the third-to-final clearly defined goal for the project.

The easy availability of the Quake 3 gameplay experience on then-modern platforms shocked an aging community into activity, spurring a series of tournaments that, while epic to players and fans of the game, are slowly fading into irrelevancy as the weighty crush of the pestle of a bountiful and massively productive gaming ecosystem grinds their ever-weakening memory into the dusty mortar of history. In many ways, the achievements of Quake Live, both technical and social, blatantly surpassed those of Quake 3, though Quake Live lacked the inherent impact afforded to Quake 3 by virtue of the context of its release in the much sparser and much less perceptibly technical gaming ecosystem of the late 90s and early 00s.

Quake communities, like most--if not all--internet communities, were rife with contention incited by strongly-held opinions expressed in absolutes. Where some would argue that rifts between players resulting from differences of opinion about the merits of various aspects of Quake Live--to name only a handful, gametypes, playstyles, maps, netcode implementation, and refugee crises--inhibited participation, my position has been, through many years, that these clashes of perspective helped energize and divide the community into distinct subcultures that passionately advocated for their ideal qualities of the game. This tension between subcultures generated dynamic competitions that both stoked fires of life into the community and satisfied a classically masculine desire to establish the superiority of the positions adhered to. Without such oscillation of collective energies, players who aren't satisfied with merely excelling at the game became disinterested and wandered to more socially engaging or less socially conflictory communities.

As the years passed, a vocal minority community manager-approved player opinion panel pushed for whimsical changes sourced from their personal experiences and desires, resulting in a schizophrenic pattern of development that drove much of the less-vocal majority of dedicated players to other communities and games. The quality of development declined rapidly, resulting, at one point, in broken netcode that fundamentally altered the online experience in many negative ways, such as broken rocket jump consistency. As a service, id Software provided servers for users, and the quality of those servers also declined notably as the game aged, with many users getting drastically different representations of the game state at any given moment, resulting in an unsatisfactory feeling of inconsistency that subverted the mechanical and strategical facets of Quake Live gameplay that were, and are, so alluring as to be almost universally appreciated by players who otherwise reserved no respect for the opinions of others with regard to particulars of the game layered, in Quake Live's case, haphazardly atop of the pure foundation of interaction with a competitive system in an arena of well-defined boundaries for skillful development and growth.

The second-to-final clear goal for Quake Live was to modify it in service to the development of a beta for the ideas that would ultimately culminate in the production of Quake Champions. Features such as loadouts--the selection of default weapons that players started the game with--were forcibly inserted into previously cherished gametypes with, seemingly, no regard for or analysis of the motivations players held for enjoying them. The sycophantic vocal minority steadily voiced complaints over the inability for new players to gain a foothold in the sheer cliff faces of distinct plateaus of skill, and posited a variety of solutions that omitted variables that, if considered, nullified their conclusions and invalidated their solutions. Quake Live, in a convergence of technical stagnation, problematic implementation, and misguided development, shed its players with offensive disregard for player satisfaction, and soon the rabble had driven away the undesirable masses who so restricted their personal enjoyment of the game, and would have found, had they possessed the self-awareness to do so, that in their pursuit of the promise of progress, they'd only hastened the collapse of a once vibrant ecosystem. As the player base shrunk, the distinctions between skill tiers came into sharp focus, and new players attracted by the mechanics were confronted with less dynamic, less favorable, and less manageable experiences. In the pursuit of modifying the game to appeal more to new players, the sycophants had actually driven a greater wedge between the new players and their ability to enjoy the game.

The path to hell is paved with good intentions.
- Plasto, ca. 5 BC

The final goal of Quake Live was a tragically late love letter to a doomed community more than decimated by alienating changes and counterproductive decisions. Classic features of Quake games, such as dedicated servers and modding, albeit severely limited, were implemented, allowing for some extension of (greatly waned) vitality to the remaining player base. Steam integration allowed for smoother socialization and organization, and the Steam workshop integration promoted and normalized creative development that is readily available to all players, eliminating much of the hassle of obtaining requisite content that previous Quake titles suffered from. I can only wonder at the impact of such features had they been implemented at the onset of the release of Quake Live. Artificial limitations to end of match map selection were lifted, loadouts were ousted, and the restrictions to players experiencing the game as they desired were lessened, allowing for the remaining players to cultivate experiences and subcommunities that continue to drive community activity. Server quality increased, netcode was much more consistent, and players finally had a game they could exercise control in. The server supply was no longer artificially rationed by developers to funnel players into new undesired gametypes, and instead rose to meet the demands of the community.

For me, Quake 3 was hours of RA3 on the same map, liberally seasoned with a dynamic variety of rewarding, fun, frustrating, and infuriating social experiences that acted as hooks sinking in to drag interest out of what is, otherwise, a very sterile system of competitive mechanics of play. Though Quake Live's final--what I call--apology release provided some appreciated relief to the decimated player base, it had also shattered that endearing and engaging social experience through the implementation of modern pacing introduced by console games, such as greatly shortened map cycle times. Where in something like RA3 players of any skill could join servers and run around the same map for hours, developing familiarity and comfort with new environs and sharpening their mechanical skills, in Quake Live players are ushered quickly through a variety of maps, any potential flow they may have developed eliminated with each transition. Where in something like RA3 the vanity of winning the game came third or lower to socialization and the enjoyment of combat, in Quake Live the pursuit of winning on a given map takes priority, as the definite end of the match creates a pressing need to perform, resulting in differences of skill becoming frustrating and distracting from the enjoyment of diverse situations, and an overhead of stress that obfuscates playful engagement. Gameplay patterns developed in the restrictive temporal boundaries, causing further unfulfilling frustrations to players who held and continue to hold inflexible expectations for the perpetuation of such patterns.

Quake Live, now, is as it should have been 10 years ago, and Quake Champions, regretfully, carries the torch of schizophrenic direction that served as the catalyst for the demise of Quake Live. From my perspective, it appears as though Tim Willits drove Quake Live in a direction that allowed him to trade the contracts of Saber Interactive's involvement in the development of Quake Champions for a lucrative executive position with Saber once the wilted teat of development ceased its secretion of nourishing productivity, unfairly placing id Software in an untenable position with no recourse to salvage any potential Quake Champions's appeal to a greater audience.
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Team Event Horizon Presents: Sessions - Episode VII (2 comments)
Posted by TeamEventHorizon @ 17:23 CDT, 23 July 2021 - iMsg

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Rating: 7.5 (1 vote)
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From Africa by manic (11 comments)
Posted by manic @ 07:59 CDT, 22 July 2021 - iMsg

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Rating: 8.3 (2 votes)
Having wondered what an African themed frag video might look like for a long time, I decided to put together some frags into a video as a side project during lock-down last year. Although, I didn't have enough content to finish it until now.

"From Africa" is a collection of frags by myself (South Africa manic) in various modes in public games, in South Africa and South East Asia.

Enjoy :)


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Quake Champions - Athena CTF? or Wait for Quake Reboot? (7 comments)
Posted by dynodeath @ 07:28 CDT, 19 July 2021 - iMsg
QC CTF, with something like, Athena CTF would be appealing imho. With unlimited grapples, PQL movement, and 4 runes. Quake 1 was a major hit, with CTF being the most popular format, in the US and Europe. Quake 2 people loved the grapple there too. They would have loved Quake 1 more, as the Quake 2 Rocket Launcher was too slow, and the new railgun 100 dmg was a game breaker imho. and the grapple not as good.

Grapple was a great tool for n00bs, who had limited movement experience, who could hop on, grapple around and have a bit of fun. Then grapple to a weapon, and eventually be able to contribute to the game.

QC CTF, choice of Slash, is just quake 4 and it wasn't success in CTF.
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Graphics settings QuakeLive - clean and clear help (17 comments)
Posted by dynodeath @ 07:41 CDT, 18 July 2021 - iMsg
My QuakeLive graphics settings, seem sluggish and not very clear. Has anyone got any good settings that they can suggest? I prefer not a complete .cfg of random seta values. Would appreciate any help, to make it clear vision and performance help.

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Charlychad frag movie - QuakeLive PQL CA Vamp (1 comment)
Posted by dynodeath @ 05:54 CDT, 18 July 2021 - iMsg
For light hearted, enjoyment of pure skill. Here is Charly, a proper quality QuakeLive PQL CA Vamp player, which everyone aspires to.

I have mostly tasted his gauntlet. Hope you enjoy. Love this movie. (No cheats by Charly, pure skillz)

Also :

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Make, something like a Quake Battle Royal (31 comments)
Posted by dynodeath @ 10:00 CDT, 14 July 2021 - iMsg
Quake Endgame - Battle Royal

A Battle Royal with TDM, Duel, CTF, Attack and Defend all in one game, all from all Idsoftware Titles. Brining all quake communities together. (Big plus)

Taking the best parts from Quake, Doom, Enemy Territory Quake Wars, Rage.

Create a Battle Royal, like Warzone with Doom's excellent open maps, integrated with maps across the quake series, items to pick up, PQL physics, Grapple, Vehicles from Rage, Crossbow from Rage, ET Advanced vehicles, challenges mid map, teleports, jump pads, deployment in air, vamp damage health reclaim, powerups, Circle closing with zombies in the gas etc.

Something to compete with the trash battle royals like Fortnight and Warzone (Which actually looks quite good, apart from the cheaters, and its all hitscan spam.)

Enemy Territory nearly made it, Rage was great fun, the vehicles are far superior to Fortnight and Warzones.

I'd say this would be much fun with Dooms incredible landscapes and textures. (Also make a thin graphics client, for lower spec PC's and Consoles like xBox, and ensure it is for all ages not restricted to over 18's) More money it makes the better the community.

Integrating Attack and defend into the map could be interesting for cash to spend on perks. Integrating capture the flag on the map, would also be interesting for players not to sit in one location, but give options for cash rewards if they managed to cap.

Idsoftware series has great experience why not bundle the best features.

Syncerror perhaps has too much on his plate, but integrating all of the best features from each idsofware title, can only be a good thing, with Doom's brilliant open maps?

(The gulag in warzone was taken from quake 1 arena where u could spec the players, from a balcony, watching down in a queue, on the players doing a 1v1 single round elimination, winner stays on)
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New Champions (No comments)
Posted by dynodeath @ 23:46 CDT, 13 July 2021 - iMsg
I suggest years ago about showing cheats to players, and they have implemented that into QC with Visor wallhack, which is pretty cool option for a limited time.

I refer back to the quake 1 CTF creeper runes (do search), where they had runes which gave users different abilities.

Vampiric rune was one, which would be good, especially against an out timed player, and over stacked NME. The Vampire can gain 70% odd (% can be set in line for fairness) health back, in combat for a certain period of time. This could be a game changer to gain back control of a fully stacked Clutch, sorlag, keel or other Players fully stacked.

Monk Character, when standing still for certain period of time takes no damage when activated.

Witch rune which was a counter to the Monk and made the Monk Character twitch and then was vulnerable to damage. Also cast a spell on other players, I think it was twitching too.

I think there were 18 runes, and might be good source for new Champion ideas.
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Cheater - QuakeLive PQL player MAGA exposed or not? (92 comments)
Posted by dynodeath @ 11:37 CDT, 12 July 2021 - iMsg
What do you think?

This player has been accused of cheating. He continues to say he is clean. However he is banned from one server, for Wallhacking and Aimboting hacks allegations.

At 1x speed, can seem normal, to a certain extent. But slowed down to 0.25x speed can be clearly visible. Understanding that these Aimbots & Wallhacks can be activated on and off, through out battles, by pressing a key, which makes it harder to spot, and said to be a coincidence!

Make your own mind up, after reviewing the thread. Opinions welcome. Cheat or not?

The demos were recorded from spec prior to the player being called out. He did submit demos afterwards to prove innocence. However at slowmo speeds there are odd moments. So you see the dilemma, it's about judgement calls, as VAC doesn't work. Reporting a player without idsoftware input or VAC analysis, then that possibly shouldn't be done. However if the cheats are pretty clear as many of them are, then report. A cheat is a cheat in my opinion, its working out if they are cheating or not, and currently it seems that too many people are getting away with i t with advancements in humanised features, and on and off options.

In some of these clips and occasions it is better to watch at 0.25 speed. Looking through floors, walls, and shooting plasma at players into walls they are behind (6plus rocket to bridge) etc.

On a side note, linked to some weaker cheats, I said b4 that some cheats should be taken away, by making the available to all. Like timed items, and Syncerror made abilities in QC etc visor wallhack, item timers visible and QC seems to work quite nicely with these.

Cheat or Not?

QuakeLive PQL Vamp CA, is a great MOD to play.
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For how long does the new QCK smell funny? (22 comments)
Posted by LOLatRoflexTimers @ 09:28 CDT, 9 July 2021 - iMsg
Ive had it for 2 days and it still has this industrial plastic sort of chemical smell to it. Ive been using QCK heavy for ages and I dont remember the smell being this annoying.
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