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Ilya 'bilz' Kushnir's long awaited Quakecon 2005 video is finally alive! This is a look at Quakecon from a volunteer/attendee perspective and contains some rather interesting footage. It’s broken down as follows:

Timeline of Id games
Various game footage
The history of Quakecon by Yossman (awesome guy)
BYOC with case mods, game footage and “other”
Main events and contests

There’re also links to an extended version of Yossman’s interview. He puts Quakecon in a great perspective and really talks about how and why the event started. Yossman’s personality and ideals, like many of the staff’s, are the essence of Quakecon. The event works so well because it’s full of tireless dedicated people who love to work the event—for free. Those who give their time to Quakecon are rewarded with the real and genuine comradery of their gaming buddies. It’s a beautiful thing.

NOTE: This video is 18+. There are some rather interesting byoc shots. Hide your eyes children! Also the Fatal1ty cut-outs are highly abused.. it's quite humerous.

From bilz:

<bilz> only iF...

Also check out http://www.ilyafilms.com/ for other related videos and www.yossman.net