He is without a doubt the first real legend since online gaming started. Dennis "Thresh" Fong influenced the electronic sport more than almost every other player in the world. He was the first real "pro-gamer" and even after years of retirement, he is one of the biggest stars in the Quake and eSports scene. Not only as a gamer, but as a businessman aswell he started making real money with competitive gaming long before clans were sponsored and Fatal1ty sold his first mousepad.
I had the chance to talk with Dennis about his gaming career, his experiences with other players aswell as his views on eSports as it is today and of course his Ferrari.

Here is a snippet:
Is it true, that id Software came up to you and asked for your input when developing Quake 3?

Yes, I helped with the multiplayer aspects of Quake 2 and Quake 3. In fact, as a way to thank me for my input on Quake 2, John Carmack built my config into the game. You can type “Exec thresh.cfg” on any Quake 2 machine and it would work. :)
Check out the full interview and learn what Thresh thinks about who should be the real CPL World Tour champion...
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