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Rating: 8.5 (107 votes)
The third installment of the famous Quake 3 frag video series which could quite possibly be one of the most anticipated game videos ever is out now. From the creators of Bullshit Expedition 2 and Dedicated - Robo-K1ll & Fei, comes a movie where Quake 3 is taken to a new level... again.
The frags are of really high quality so turn up the volume, full screen the movie and remove (violently if needed) any other distractions. Get Quaked 3 from Twilight Pictures and Shaolin Productions. Enjoy.

Running Time : 19 minutes 15 seconds.
Codec : x264. (xvid version coming soon for those with a slow computer/having trouble)

Those following the game video scene regularly may recall the above mentioned editors being a part of a different group. Along with this video, we are proud to announce to you the merge between Shaolin Productions and Twilight Pictures. Read more at www.shaolinproductions.org

TECHNICAL/IMPORTANT: In case of poor playback or bad quality try turning off post processing in fddshow playback settings. right click on the icon in your system tray while playing back the movie to check if it is on. Some have seen that this setting totally ruins a movie so its best left off. Follow the ReadMe for more info.

Edit : The bigger version of the GQ3 archive contained the trailer to Anathema by Wussie of Shaolin Productions. Those who don't have it can download it here.