argh..I hate it. she is a 32 year old single mom with a young daughter. Of all the people in the world i fall for her. But it's crazy, i have honestly never felt like this for anyone before. Of course i was in love with my former girlfriends but this really is different. I know it's such a cliche, and that's what people always say about the person they currently love. But seriously, it's has been a bit more than a year since i last saw her, but not a day goes by without me thinking about her. And i never think about any of the girls i was previously dating or former girlfriends or such, it's always her. I remember one day sitting in the bus, it was nearly empty and im just sitting in my own thoughts, then out of nowhere i thought about her, and i started to imagine her face, and then suddenly i get this weird tingle in my stomach. It was crazy. Nothing like having butteflies in the stomach. More like the first orgasm which blew me away, and left me wondering "What the hell just happened!?!!."
And she means a lot to me, you first really (really) realize how patheticly stupid the rape penalty is, when you are in love. I cant stand it when i read about a girl being raped, because if i imagine that it was her, i get so furious. Death penalty by getting boiled in piss is the only thing that be sufficient. Seriously, I dont know what i would do, but that girl means more than anything to me. I was talking to my mate about it, and said "really, i would take a bullet for her at anytime" then after a few seconds then asked.."but would you take a rape for her?" At first it seemed stupid, and it just came out of nowhere really. But then you start wondering about it. Let say that your girlfriend will get raped unless you get raped. But she will never know about it, so if it's like my case then she wouldnt know that you had saved her from a rape and she couldnt thank you or anything. At least if i was dating her or married to her, i could see her beautiful face every day, knowing i did the right thing. But It would stay between you, and mister rapist. Just think about that for a minute. In the end i said yes, even though that she would never know about it, it just couldnt live with the fact that some guy raped her. Better me than her =/.
Funny thing is though, i asked a few of my mates, if they would take a rape for their girlfriends. One said no, and one mate that's still in love with his (just met her) said yes, if his ass wasnt going to take damage :D
Then he asked me, whether or not i would take a rape for my sister, but i wont. He would though..kinda makes you wonder about things. I dont think me and my sis have the best relationship in the world anymore :p

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