so ive just come home drunkl off my ass and have decided to post a journal forum (cos haemostick told me too cos most of you guys are pratts and get upset when any1 posts shit that you dont agree with) and well i decided yeh im going too type up a journal about random shit that you woudl prolly [-] me for cos i refuse to talk in proper sentnaces or type up words correctly.

so im going to get some shit off my mind that ive been thinking about esr for the past year.

1) daryl your a TWAT... sort your shit out get a real life and stop spam posting on esr. I know tons of people have told you before and yet you still persist on esr spamming random "insightful" shit on esr in an effort to distract yourself from your pathetic real life (unless your real life has some sort of direction and in that case man i really dont know wtf your problem is).

2) secondly why the fuck do you all bash PK and cpl ?.. CPL are trying to push gaming to the next level and are constantly met with critisim from gamers that support ESWC, or other games, or just plain disaggree with CPL's direction (ie making sure no1 else could host a pk tourney with more than 2k prize pool without their permission). I have been playing pk for about 9 months now and the limited community that pk has online i have found to be the most enjoyable in all my gaming experience (apart from #clan_bva with ut2k4, asczz you rox :D).. My point is like it or lump it cpl is trying to push gaming to a more competivie level whilst securing their position in "pro-gaming" by effectively locking out other organisations from organisising tourney on the same scale as them.

is this a good thing ? well yes and no.. ive been watchign qcon coverage today and well i know q2 dosent have q2tv but the coverage has been pretty lacking compared to pk which doesnt have pktv either (no shit ;)) but tsn have done a pretty good job in giving the community coverage. This is probably done to the $$$ difference prize pool between the two games. PK 1million dollars and q2 ???(20k max ?). Either way you have to agree that in any situation $$$ talks and that on this front CPL are pushing pro-gaming the right way by giving gamers the ability to live their dream by playing games and earning the money to support themselves.

3) where the fuck do i want to go to uni ?.. my results come out on thursday and i still have no clue and i have until from now until thursday to figure oout wher ei wanna go. Ill get in through clearing becuase my grades will be pretty shit hot so i that matter. But still... where the fuck do i go and what course do shoud i take??? im good at science and buisness but quite like the idea of medicine (you cant do clearing for medicine).. so im pretty stuck and no idea what i should do... pro-gaming aint an option unless ofc i beat Vo0 at cpl uk :DD::D:D. thats never going to happen but cpl uk should be fun and i hope to have a good time meeting all the people ive watched play on tsn :D...

4) i still love my ex-gf and have told her but realistically i know we could never get back together :(((... i wish i could just let this go..

5) `mat on esr is the coolest welsh person xD 8bitlobster your just a swansea f4g. sort your shit out

6) [diinjfpoisnpifnas-idnfpasndfpoinasdpofinaspodinfpsoaidnfpoisadnpfoinsdapoifnpasdoinfpoiasndpfinasdpofinpasodinf
asioonfpasoindfpoasdinpfdsin (random spam)

7) blame haemostick for this whiney ass drunken flame spam

8) freeq man you told me to bet on mYm on that WC3 bet and i lost 900 es dollars and am back to rank 5000th whilst you sit yoru fat polish ass on 1st place im going to beat you up :/ (rofl i just saw you 2nd palce whAHHAHAHHWHWAHW you better choose your bets more carefully :D)

9) daryl your a cunt :D

10) i wont be replying to this journal again :D

and 11) see you all at i25 and cpl uk where you can beat the shit out of me there :D

twat off cunts