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Originally posted by [CB]Cash:

In my opinion and i am sure everyone who has a even the slightest compassion towards RtCW, would agree that this great movie should at least get its proper introduction.

Some might have forgotten this, since it has been a while.
Some have been dying to see this movie...
and Sweden Sweden Santabot and Drakh have been working their asses off to make this movie.

But what a movie it is!
For those who are thinking, what the hell is he talking about?

Well in September 2004, we all knew that EuroCup X RtCW would be the last ever. And to keep some kind of remembrance of one of the highlights of RtCW as Supervisor of this cup I asked Santabot to make a movie about it.

It did take him a while, but we all know the saying and it agree...Perfect things just take time.

Personally im going to add it to my favourite list of RtCW Movies:

iNfensus Movie
4Kings Revolution
GMPO Quakecon
ABA Movie
Raziels Movies 1 & 2

So go download this movie asap!