i'm stuck with alot of great bands from japan. First there was Asian Kung-Fu Generation i think, really liked the #2 OP in Naruto so i checked it out, later on i checked the band out and tried to find everything with them, a few music vids and every single and album (what i would put in a category called skate punk).

Later on i watched this anime Air Master and fell in love a bit with the OP (coming back to this later) with Japahari NET ('happy' punk).

What else? hm, pmcc introduced me a little to X-Japan (metal), he said he listened to them a bit and i've seen a few albums with them on dc etc, so i checked a few songs out and after a while i got stuck, i kind of literally fell in love with this band and its members. Started looking for fan sites, lyrics, history, discography etc and it kind of got to my head and surprises even me how much i've come to learn about this band. I even bought two DVD's, well... would've bought more if i could've afford :/

Art of Life: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=COBA-50764

Fucking amazing consert (just one song: Art of Life. studio version ~28 minutes, live version ~34 minutes) it really blows your mind.

The Last Live: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=UPBH-1056

Really great consert too, quite sad aswell as it was their very last performance. (look at the fucking prices btw :D)

The drummer in the band kind of got to me, inspired me to start playing the drums again (still haven't touch 'em yet, no money for a new set.. hell not even room for it, sold my old ones 4-5 years ago). I also got to know that the drummer Promoted other bands, so i started listening to some of those and found Luna Sea, really cool rock band with a little psycadelic touch.

I found out the guitarrist in X-Japan (Hideto Matsumoto) made some solo career at the side, so i had to get his stuff too... boy, that was some awsome shit :>

Now for my next love, Japahari NET ('happy' punk). I haven't been able to find anything else with them 'cept for that opening for that anime (Air Master), searched a lot of jpop torrent sites, dc and what not. Finally i had some luck some week ago, dvdrip of White Clothes Day 03322. I loved every bit of that consert. So now i'm thinking of what to sell to afford their discography =P

I'm sad i can't find any english fan site for this wonderfull punk band, their official site is: www.japahari.net
They are really amazing live, happy faces and gives it all for the fans :)
too bad i couldn't attend that White Clothes Day consert myself :(

Now i'm saving up for:

and of course some DVD's!

Wonder which japanese band i'll find next :/

If you find me on irc i wouldn't hesitate to throw some jrock around, i'm kind of like some religious nut throwing 'wisdom' around and how good this 'religion' is, i'm a fucking lunatic muahahaha...erh...