Winner:Clan 519, Odds: 35% (2.7:1)
Bets placed: E$63738, betting open: 15:27 CST 17 Nov 2003 to 20:50 CST 23 Nov 2003

Loser:Clan Kapitol, Odds: 64% (1.5:1)
Bets placed: E$117774, betting open: 15:27 CST 17 Nov 2003 to 20:50 CST 23 Nov 2003

Yankees vs. Redsox
Watson vs. Moriarty
Sampras vs. Agassi
Bush vs. Saddam
Kasparov vs. Deep Blue
Rome vs. Greece
Clan 519 vs. Clan Kapitol

The next chapter in an epic rivalry will be written this week as Clan 519 is set to face off against Clan Kapitol for the Chaotic TDM Tournament (CTT).


-Will czm or ZeRo4 make a surprise appearance?
-Will inactivity doom us to a mediocre battle of second stringers and rusty players of yester-year?
-Who will win the battle of smack-talk, paulwall or styles?
-Will Boodah see action against his former 519 clanmates?
-Just how many times will JFW void on q3dm14tmp?
-Might Gator redeem himself for his infamous pummel on Bitchslayre?

Both clans have made it through to the third round of the winner's bracket in the following fashion:

-Clan Kapitol has used demonic, spook, wildkard, shock, sirex, boodah and ouija to demolish Clan 311 and win comfortably against esp.
-Clan 519 fielded gryp, JFW, prophecy, styles, pvp and buckf to beat kaos and chatkill.

For brackets, lineups, screenshots, demos, and other information visit the Chaotic TDM Tournament website.

This match has been scheduled for Nov 23rd @ 10:00 PM EST