would any1 be interested in purchasing a small bio type small novel book or some sort of thing about gorwing and playing and cotnroversy of quake scene from the eyes of the polish quake community?

the bloods, sweets, tears and legends both the fallen, risen or forgotton from the polish scene perspective of quake scene from 1996 to now.

i give it unfilter raw like i have always been

i havesome draftand can publish and some dirt on famous player will bes hare in this. stories from lan that never should be living and just controverysial material.

a real effort on my part ok, you might say how owuld you format it?
well why aks htis typeof quests if no persons are interested.

you want it. yes or no?
(why dont you let poles have a poll)

imagine anne frank diary but polsih quake scene personal eye view. i think would be funto give sumin back to my scene.

any feedbacks ae appeREectiated