You probably do not understand what really happens back then. You defenetly don't know, and seems like no one ever talked about that. Not like i expect from such people to have some shame or honor, or any other human characteristic. But still, it's quit funny to me that no one ever talk about this situation.

Well, i am gonna hack the time and bring you in a few years back. It was casual tdmpickup day, people were playing tdm matches, nothing special. I added myself to pickup, other players added to pickup, we got teams, bot choose the guy who should pick a map. Nothing special yet. Team contains four players, it was me, drki, french guy zulu and someone else, i don't remember who it was. Many years gone, i lost some memories and i don't remember who was the fourth player of our team. But i remember other things.

The player from our team decide to pick map called Terminatria, i think i wrote about that story before, right? And you may question what you don't know or don't understand about that story? Well, wait a bit, it's coming, i am trying to intrigue you and make it fun to read.

So, the guy from our team decide to pick a map Terminatria. I didn't care about map pick at all. I explained this. It's not my fantasy or twisted fact. It's obvious, it's statistic. I had biggest win rate on this map, like 60+% and i manage to win this map couple of times having zero deaths. So, for me it was, maybe not the best map pick, but defenetly not the worst, that's for sure, i had no issue with that map at all.

So, when players from my pickup team start arguing about map pick i was like "whatever you like guys". Change it our play it, i don't care. Well, i don't remember exactly, but i think drki and zulu was strongly against this map and the other guy was the map picker. And they had this conversation, they were arguing, vote dm20, vote something else. And at some point, once again, i don't remember exactly, but. But at some point, zulu or drki said that they gonna throw the game. They gonna throw the game because they don't like the map, so they can finish it faster and start new one on "normal" map.

Obviously, if i knew what's gonna happens next i would prepare screenshots, to prove...To be honest, i didn't really believe that they gonna throw the game for real. I thought it's like a trick, gimmick. I thought they treating that guy, blackmailing him to change the map. So, when everyone press ready and game started, i was playing like it was normal game. Like first minutes i was trying to get to rail gun and red armor, but enemies was all around, stacked and weaponized. And only after some times i realise that my team is camping somewhere at the area, after lg banana. I remember i spawned near the rail gun, there was no rail and i decide to go for red armor. And i saw all three of my team mates in that area, where is nothing besides maybe few ammo boxes. And only at this moment i realise that they are actually throwing the game, like they said. And i think it was after fearz warned me that he is gonna ban me for throwing the game(he warned me mid game that i will get banned). But even after this i didn't scroll console back to make screenshot. I don't know why. Probably underestimate rotten souls of trash people. I really didn't expect to actually get banned for this. As i explained, by overall stats it's was my best map and even in this particular match i wasn't worst player, by damage, net frags and etc. So, i didn't saw any reason why i would get banned.

So, now you may understand why i did what i did. I mean, if i didn't ban myself, after some time i would go to pickup again(like i actually did) and all this shit people will show themselves again. So by banning myself i burned the bridge, bridge to this shithole.

And why i even bring this up. Well, i am curious if drki or zulu, or this other guy is brave enough to confirm my words. No one gonna get banned now for what happens many years ago. So, nothing to be scared. But it would be nice to me and maybe shocking for other people.