It has been almost a decade since Showdown 2 released. A lot has gone on between then and now. Leaving the game shortly after 2012 and life taking me random ass directions. Jesus christ I'm in my 30s now.
A few months ago I had a little urge to hop on with a friend of mine to run some duels like the old days. I then opened up Vegas, dusted off my old unused demos, and I began to feel creative again. Editing and recording brought back a lot of new ideas and joy. I missed this game. Browsing ESR and the discord servers, I see a good bit of you are still active and going strong. Feels like it didn't change a bit. Missed you guys.

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

Sappy shit aside, missed this community and I've been dying to jump back into a large project after I finish the fragmovie I'm currently working on just to get the dust off. While I'm working on that, I want to open up a demo call for Showdown 3! I want to make this one special.

I want the best demos you guys can throw at me.
Rocket juggles, LG suspends, flick rails, quad runs, CTF flag caps. You know the drill.


Be sure to name your demos accordingly to make it easier to sort and label you correctly in the movie! Having your demos cut will also make things a lot easier to record in a timely manor and edit. 10 seconds before and after the clip allows me to just record the entire demo without searching. If you can't cut demos, be sure to timestamp the frag.

- [TIME]_Name_map_content
- [9:32]_Domino_aerowalk_x3juggle

To cut demos you can use Wolfcam or UTD
- UberDemoTools:

Send your demos to my email with the right formatting on your email subject.
Should look like this for the subject.

- "<Name> Showdown 3 Demos"
Email: [email protected]

There's no limit to how many demos you can send, but remember I am looking for your best. Try to sort them before sending. I'm super excited to begin working on this.