VOD: twitch.tv (showing two 4v4 wipout matches)

Reddit Thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/Diabotical/comments/..._update_2/

Notes and Summary provided by RavenCurrent

In this update a significant part of the game was shown, I have just a few notes and timestamps below but I recommend watching the VOD and finding out by yourself before even reading them, I think it will be worth it.

-Note that there are multiple things that are not in a final state, namely, sounds, visual effects and netcode

-(06:53) Wipeout mode is a new take on Clan Arena, you spawn with all weapons and fight others in a round based format but there are respawns during a round: each time that a member of a team dies, the respawn time for players on that team increases by 5 seconds (the first player to die will have a 5 second respawn time, the second player to die will have a 10 second respawn time and so on), a round is won when all members of the opposite team are dead at the same time (their team has been wiped out)

-(07:34) There are 2 Weebles in Wipeout at the moment: --The Healing Weeble, you have 1 per life, it heals you and teammates a maximum of 100 health over 10 seconds (visual effects show the team color of an active Healing Weeble and the range that you can stand on to be healed)--The Explosive Weeble, you have 1 per life, it does a large amount of knockback which can be used to do very large jumps (larger than rocketjumps) and throw people off of platforms and out of the map. At the moment the Explosive Weeble is the only Weeble in this slot but in the future it is meant to recharge after being thrown and rotate between different types of Weebles that provide different types of utility (you will get a different Weeble after the recharge is done) -(08:16) 2GD shows some callouts for different areas of the map

-(09:46) The first Wipeout game starts

-(09:55) There is an issue with the recording of the "Egg hunt" announcer line sounding like something else (this line announces that there's only one player left alive on one of the teams)

-(31:52) 2GD gets a visit from a suspicious looking Eggbot

-(33:32) 2GD gets a second visit from a suspicious looking Eggbot

-(34:33) The second Wipeout game starts

-(44:45) 2GD mentions that netcode on moving props hasn't been done properly, that's why you see these incorrect effects

-(1:02:35) A different Wipeout map is shown which includes anti-chase teleporters: after a player goes through one, doors close to prevent other players from going through the teleporter for a few seconds