This is a new collection of videos dedicated to the one and only NoobofwarSanchez. I have known this guy since Quake 4 and he's is known to be a cheater, such as autofire and aimbot and also voting hack. So whenever you wanted to vote kick him he could overrule the votes and easy press F2. His real original nickname is Joni and he was close friends with Soto and RevanQ4, both former quake 4 players and tdm players. And he thinks nobody knows who he is but i think he's quite wrong here. He was a tdm/ctf player who didnt quite got the result he wanted so he decided to change name and go full on cheating in the Quake 4 duel servers. And that's where the troll name Sanchez was born.

Limitless diaperslaps incomming!

drk vs sanchez part 2 ( where he gives up ) with specs

NoobofwarSanchez diaper slaps part 2

GodofwarSanchez with his wife at the Kamasutra Ahoy Rotterdam

limitless diaperslaps sanchez

Sanchez diaper slaps part IV

Sanchez exposed as Saeth - Diaperslaps of Reality

Sanchez meme has officially died RIP

this is what happens when sanchez dont have a rail