Custom Curve 2.0 is now available at

You may remember Custom Curve from several years back. This expands on the same formula, bringing it up to date with a much-improved interface that allows far more control over settings.

There’s still a lot of misconceptions around mouse acceleration (not so much on this site). The goal is to demonstrate the potential benefits to a larger audience by making it significantly easier to understand and configure while also providing maximum control.

Besides acceleration, you can use the software to adjust sensitivity independently of DPI at the raw input level. This lets you to take advantage of high DPI settings for increased precision. This is an issue since mouse software frequently substitutes DPI for sensitivity.

The graph is interactive allowing you to drag control points, zoom in & out, scale the view to fit the data, etc… There’s a tail for defining behavior to *infinity*. Values can also be manually entered. The GIF below shows the real-time display of how mouse motion relates to settings.