I'm the creator of ICY Glass Mousepad and i'd like to present it to you. It's got a custom acid etched surface (my own factory) which is more speedy and smooth/ got less static friction than Icemat. Measurements: 42x30cm 6mm thick.
Production started in 2016. I have sold more than 200 units in Russia and decided that it's time to start worldwide expansion. Currently I have 5 mousepads left (4 black and 1 white) and restock will be in 1 month. Cost is 60$ + shipping (via EMS)

Here are some screens and review in russian language vk.com/icygear

Feel free to ask any questions here, mail (mr7onoff@gmail.com), PM, or whatsapp +79137656476

BTW I'm selling last revision mousepads with roudn edges