In his stream 125 he said, that with this new patch QC becomes less casual and closer to QL, because less speed, less accel, ID removed "no strafe jump" technique for noobs. Those who not understand it on reddit forum, can make something horrible with themselves.

Well, but we all know that every pro: Cooller, Cypher, Base, Agent, Rapha said that there is no item control in QC. Just MH and RA. Also you can't be 100+ with only green armors. No yellow armors. 30 sec or 15 for noobs. Every weapon OP(even MG and NG).

So...Is Zoot Tim's whore? May be ID asked him to said on his stream something good about game? otherwise they don't approve his person as commentator on QuakeCon?

If Zoot not whore, then he is an idiot who don't know QL, right?

Maybe you believe more to him than to our pro players?