Tournament starts 26.02(Monday)

Prize pool:

1st place - ~103$
2nd place ~ 51$
3rd place ~ 17$

The tournament will last for three days - 26/27/28 February. Each day, a certain number of stages is played out, depend of number of participants (the schedule will be formed the day before the tournament - 25.02)

The time for the games is assigned personally by the tournament organizer, depending on the time in which it is convenient to play the participants.

Format - double-elimination
Mode - Duel (1х1)
To take part you need to go to our discord ( ), write "QCL2" in the channel "check-in" and register in bracket -

Registration will be closed 2 days before tournament starts.

Official discord channel -


Low Bracket - BO1
Low Bracket Final - BO3
Upper Bracket - BO1
Upper Bracket Final - BO3
Upper Bracket Grand-Final

The finalist of the top bracket has the advantage of one card

BO1- Ban/Ban/Ban/Ban- remaining card
BO3 - Ban/Ban/Pick/Pick - remaining card
BO5 - Pick/Pick/Pick/Pick - remaining card
Player in the top cell choose map first

Number of participants: Unlimited

Stream/game records:

Out twitch-channel -
YouTube channel