Hi everybody. I just recently posted all the material I could find about London's gaming pub, "The Playing Fields." In the making of the archive, I had a lot of learning to do. I have never been to a gaming pub and I did not realize at all the extent that establishments such as this played a role in Quake culture. The Playing Fields hosted early e-sports such CPL events and EuroQuake, as well as clan matches, LAN parties. The interior of the basement gaming bar with monitor built-in's and cave-like curved ceilings became recurring backdrop to Quake in the media, whether pro gamers being interviewed there at the event, or pieces about how gaming pubs were either a sign of the times, or a harbinger of the future. From where I'm sitting (Chicago - Al Capone ran all the gaming pubs in Chicago) The Playing Fields seemed to be a subterranean Seinfeld coffee diner of the Quake and progaming scene. Having just come across this and therefore being a total noob like a child at an R rated film, let me ask this community, especially those from countries with a stronger and more responsible social structure than the US where the Second Amendment itself, nevermind binge drinking as a common introduction to alcohol, would seem to preclude the business plan of a Quake bar ever being considered as a good idea - for your thoughts and feedback on the whole gaming pubs thing. Please share your stories. What are some other gaming pubs - and what distinguishes the great ones? What role do you ascribe the lowely gaming pub in the den of Quake lore?

Here is a link to the post about London's "The Playing Fields" gaming pub: https://dondeq2.wordpress.com/2018/01/05/gami...ng-fields/