The past discussions about this topic on mah journal ended up with lolograde hitting the ball out of the stadium, and after that the away crowd went a bit very silent, only a few soy smelling farts could be heard here and there so this should be a clean post for people with mild academic interest.
I only do it because it is kinda clear cut and neat and I love the irony.

This report is a short but cute read.

the second paper we gonna see is also a beauty.
It considers that when antivaxx social media quack quack is higher some uncomfortable stuff can happen to those adults' children connecting them to the middle ages of history and not the superior health they hoped (which was wide spread before vaccination started to kill and making autistic children). More investigation should of course is needed about the possible connection of not vaccinating your children against measles and said children getting measles on the first possible occasion they came contact with it and if this risk is on par with the fear of autism/fear of needles/fear of doctors etc which exist in those responsible well informed minds.