I expected, like many, Rapha to take the crown but having the young blood win over the old makes the next tournament more interesting than if the expected players won and it also gives hope to new players.

It's also interesting from a game balance point of view. Aggressive style play currently seems to be better than a methodical map control Quake Live approach.

That raises interesting thoughts on how do you balance across the various play styles. How do you make it so each play style has an even chance?

Opinion: One test that comes to mind, based on these results, is increasing the respawn times on the health bubbles so that it's as easy for weak enemies to restore health before the next encounter.

Next cypher wasn't able to make it so he's a wild card at this point. It puts a lot of pressure on him in the next tournament but it will make for great spectator entertainment.

Can't wait to see what happens over the next year.

Troll away, but I'm much more interested in hearing other opinions on what they liked about this tournament.