United Kingdom Mark 'Fragma' Erdwin and United Kingdom Luke 'Lithxiv' Whittington was caught cheating online using wallhack.

The following videos show highlighted footage from two 2on2 games. (DÚjÓ_vu anyone?)

Since the demos of Fragma arent spec POV, the footage available was slim, making this all the more obvious. Video of Lithxiv was from his own demo.

Fragma is also featured the video done by 6thSenseInQuake.

Also, while at this time it's felt a demo is not neccessary. It should be made very clear that fragma's clanmate Lithxiv has also confessed to wallhacking over the same period of time, so in effect this is a double bust.

Note: that lth0r/LTH is not the guy in question, he is just unfortunate to share a similar name.

... CSI Quake Live

Thanks goes out to the people behind Wolfcam. Doing these sort of videos would not be possible without them.

And to 6thSenseInQuake, we are all working for the same goal.

For future reference: The only real CSI:QL is this user and youtube.com/user/csiql

EDIT: Added video of Lithxiv and changed the post to be about both.