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Hey guise, I thought we should compile all the most satisfying parts of our Quaking experience from each and every Quake that we've played. (I never played q4, looked shit)

This way we can bounce ideas off of ourselves and maybe try to help Quake champions find a good mod/game play mechanic in order for it to not suck balls.

Quake 1 best mods
-Q-ball mod, explained before in some threads, basically sacrifice without the obelisks.
- Rocket Arena 1. Full health, self damage 1v1 with all weapons on tiny maps with the start down timer.
- Quake 1 TDM
- Quake 1 CTF with grapple

Quake 1 satisfying moments
- Water discharge trick. In quake 1 you could actually shoot lg from the water if you synced it when surfacing. It was a neat trick and hard to pull off but it would be stylish as fuck to kill people in this way.
-air rockets and juggling people with lg in the air.
-rocket jumping around maps
- direct grenades (grenades felt amazing)
- quad damage ssg / lg
-sick grapple ctf runs

Quake 2 mods (only played ra2 :<)
Rocket arena 2

Quake 2 satisfying moments
-tossing a hand grenade at a mofo and watching them explode
-running down kids with chaingun
-double jumping on random shit during fights with people

Quake 3 mods
OSP TDM (the balance was legit)
SPACECTF (q3ctf4 and other space maps)

Quake 3 satisfying moments
-camping ctf4 with railgun all game (im a cunt)
-defrag maps
-plasma kills / plasma trick jumps during games
-topshots at the end of maps with you as the leader
-sick flick rails and air rockets
-quad lg

Quake Live Mods
Team arena ctf (runes)
Clan arena
regular CTF

Quake Live satisfying moments
-Using damage rune + like 20 mines on 1 ambush place in a ctf map and having niggas explode
-taking the armor regen rune and just lg beasting everyone on a map while camping health spawns
-everyone coordinated in a ctf match
-head stomping kids on jump pad in clan arena