I gotta get this off my chest...

Note: I'm defining second generation as the generation that mainly joined in during/after Halo/COD came to be. The first generation would be Doom to Quake 3.

It's because of this second generation that it's so hard to introduce a game like Quake or even Unreal Tournament. It doesn't fit the mold they expect and so the game is broken. The movement system is too complex, the starting "loadouts" are too weak, I get dominated... they must be cheating.

Not every game should be designed so every player wins 50% of the time so they don't feel too bad about themselves.

It's this concept of trying to match people up so they win 50% of the time has kinda killed games for me. I'm from a time when if you wanted to get better you'd play against the players that dominated you. You'd play them again and again and you'd get better.

Now if I play a competitive mode of a game I can't play against players much better than me... so learning takes longer. It's an exhausting grind of very meaningless rewards.

So here it is... Second Generation you need to learn to tough it out. I'm sorry games of the past decade have held the hands of players and even worse designed their games to give everyone a "fair chance"... so much of a "fair chance" that it dilutes the challenge of the game