I notice that when I set my com_maxfps to 250 (and com_idlesleep 0) I get 250fps pretty solid but I only hear every other footstep when I move around. Does this mean that I also only hear every other enemy footstep?

For some strange reason it seems like com_maxfps 167 gives me solid 200fps and seems to be the highest maxfps I can go and still hear all footstep sounds.

Also just to mention if I use com_idlesleep 1 my fps seems very unstable.

So my questions are:

1)I should be using com_idlesleep 0, right?

2)Is the footstep sound 'bug' only for hearing your own footsteps or does it apply to enemy footsteps as well?

3)Is it worth lowering to maxfps 167 (200fps solid) to hear correct footsteps or is it just better to stick with maxfps 250 for max performance?

4)If I have maxfps on 167 but the fpscounter reports 200 am I actually getting 200 or is it just showing that and I'm actually getting 167?

Thanks guys :)