It's been merely days since we've collectively said goodbye to QLRanks and alternatives were promised.

If you check the QLRanks website now, you see the last 5 duels played, the immortalized top10 and so on.

Someone said it almost feels a bit eerie seeing those last matches scanned, it didn't go out with a bang, it was just regular folks playing the game and ending up on the website.

We loved QLRanks and learned to live with it, despite some "issus" and failed court dates.

While some people are pleased with the lack of Elo rating and just enjoy the game for what it is, first attempts have already been implemented and are live as we speak.

Given the more open-sourcy feel of QL right now, we can expect more and better stats tracking, for better or worse.

[00:15] <inl>
[00:15] <inl> Happy to announce that Arte et Marte servers (EU) is now tracking ELO for duels.

HF and bow to the king - Quake.