Mist fades in the twilight darkness of an industrial wasteland, synth-electronica of the 1980s beats restlessly as the gloomy future is describe (imagine it the same as "Snake Plissken's Escape from New York or Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome" , the movie intro to what was imagined in the eighties as a post-apocalyptic theme)

The year is 2041, and the World is truely a gruesome place, full of industrial rust, greenhouse gases and radiation which slowly leaked into the oceans due to dumping of waste. The Ecosystem is ravaged, and children can go for years without seeing the sun due to a thick horde of poisonous gas clouds, ripe with acidic rain. This is the preamble to our main story, the buildup to the Portuguese presidential election (which is up since it's 2041 and the people of Portugal still respect their consitution, even though has been changed partially (it is now legal to time travel from Lisbon, Brazilian trans-sexuals are murdered on sight on the territorial Portuguese waters to prevent a strain of super-AIDS to spread into Europe, but the Preseidential elections still happen every 5 years).

The two only candidates are as follows:

- AnÝbal Cavaco Silva Prime (incubent president), a clone of a long-forgotten president of a generation long gone who helped the people in the Sugar rebellion of 2015. Even though the President was a leader of a nation, his clone has proven to be ruthless, stupid and representing the interests of mostly the extremely powerful, incurring bone marrow taxes on the poor.

- Bruno Ribeiro Pereira, a late-forties national favourite. A true national hero, the champion of the people promising things to get better. He is a poll-leader by over 40% !!!

The following is a transcript of a televised debate prior to the elections:

ACSP - My bone marrow tax plan was a complex system to increase the national threshold on Human Resources, without increasing the already heavy strain and increasing monetary shortcomings already damaging the lower-to-mid classes.
BRP - This is just one of many Fascist policies I plan to abolish should i become successful.
ACSP - Wait a minute! I just received a nano-videogram. In 2012, the Challenger has appeared in a Quake movie named Gentle Rape under the pseudonym Portugal Insan3. This CHANGES EVERYTHING! He must face the high court of Academica de Coimbra to appeal his death sentence due to the heavy crime of propogating violence of a sexual nature. While the trial is pending, he is to be chemically castrated and sent to Torture Island. This presidential debate is over!
BRP - c]:c

Epilogue: AnÝbal Cavaco Silva Prime, as the only challenger won the election and incurred more taxes, such as the blood, feces and stomach acid tax which lowered the average age of a Portuguese citizen to 26. Allegations of vampirism of the higher classes are rampant.

Bruno Perreira is currently awaiting trial. However, he is caught in a proverbial Catch-22 created by the evil clone-government he failed to challenge, since no-one EVER escapes Torture Island so his incoming trial is nothing more than a ruse.