Give your opinions, do you really think game is balanced as it is now?

When I started playing quake 2 years ago weapon balance discussion was very hot and lot of stuff was done to make QL perfectly balanced. Back then people or id wanted to make each weapon as useful as others. After id made a lot of changes that some of pros asked, balance discussion stopped and people just accepted that we have balance.. So did I, since I really belived that players with more experience would know better how to make weapons balanced.

What we got was this gameplay which favours passive play and camping, instead of rapid thinking and surprise rushes.

Now that we have new scoreboard for QL, just follow dmg ratios of your weapons and you will soon see the same as stated here.

Below, there are few weapon balance comparisons, each from different perspectives.

Weapons tiered by how imporant having one is overally in quake to be able to fight effectively (also usually dmg distrubution goes by these tiers):

1st tier weapons:
Rocket Launcher
2nd tier weapons:
3rd tier weapons:
4th tier weapons:
Granade Launcher

Weapons tiered by best possible dmg given / taken ratio, called also as weapons to use when its needed to win a fight with lesser stack:

1st tier:
Rocket Launcher
Granade Launcher
2nd tier:
3rd tier:

Rocket Launcher 6p
Railgun 5p
Shotgun 4p
Plasmagun 4p
Lighningun 4p
Granade Launcher 4p

Also here is comparison of proplayers' weapon usage:

Rocket Launcher is in highest tier in both listings making it overpowed overal. Railgun is also still a bit more usefull / powerfull than other weapons, while all other weapons are quite balanced.

- drop RL speed to 900 or 950
- make RG do 90dmg and add 20% more reload time
- add more spread to SG in order to make it less useful @ midrange