So I hear one of your homeboys got muffed up again and you're all out raiding the local footlockers as a 'protest', so if you're black and want to stay out of the trouble, listen to me.

I'm British and White, which means I have a pretty solid genepool for getting away with some fucked up shit over the centuries and I want to share it with some of you who cannot ever be part of this.

1) Stop causing trouble and breaking the law, this will generally stop you from being in a position where you are arrested. This is the most effective tip I have to offer.

2) Consider that the biggest killer of black people is other black people.

3) If you are arrested, don't talk shit and don't start fighting with the police and definitely don't run away. These people have stressful jobs where at any moment, they can be shot due to the number of guns so freely available, so when they catch some chopsy little shit whose mouthing off and kicking off, Shut the fuck up, sit down, and accept your fate.

Play up and you're gonna get it. I know friends in the police, and I can assure you whether you're white, brown, or yellow, you give them shit and they'll give you a tuning if they are in a position to get away with it and that's how it should be.

If you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about and you can bitch all you want about it to media after it.

You have to accept that a world without police would be chaos, as would a world where all criminals were allowed to get away with resisting arrest and trying to get away with it.

4) Ask yourself why you don't go on protests when the same thing happens to white people, are you really just the most pure form of racists on the planet, or are you riddled with self pity stemming from tales of racism from your great gran daddy, who in turn told your parents all white people are evil and now you're just a by product of that like this guy?

I know its only 4 points, but I feel these 4 points will save so many of you from peril and help to raise social awareness among your demographic.

Good Luck