SplashDamage has released some videos about Dirty Bomb on their YT Channel SplashDamageLTD

The game is renamed to Extraction now, dont know what to expect from SD after ETQW & BRINK ^ ^

There is a video from YT TotalHalibut/TotalHalibut about Extraction, did not watched it yet ...

My thoughts on - Extraction (formerly Dirty Bomb)

Extraction used the SMART [Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain] system, to climb and jump

There is a Twitter page too, Twitter.com*Extraction

EXTRACTION Closed Beta starts October 1st. Sign up first and ask questions later.

The SplashDamage blog offers more detail about the game and interviews

Extraction PAX Coverage Round-up!

I saw a few videos with an interview from Paul Wedgwood from SplashDamage, talking about the game ...
Extraction Preview Interview With Splash Damage - Gamerhub.tv