In the recent update, the original voice of quake was replaced with a new one. Despite the many changes, this was the one update that stirred an outrage amongst players. The spirit, the soul of quake is gone!

Already, countless of threads have been created by hundreds players on this issue. It's obvious to all, this was a "No no". They crossed the line, and we want either the original back, or something better.

The orginal voice was done by Christian Antkow (xian), and he is considered by many - as the soul of quake.

>>>>>> SIGN THE PETITION ! <<<<<<

I have played quake since the very first release, and had to swallow many changes over the years. But this is where I put my foot down! Sign the petition, let's unite and force idSoftware / Quakelive to either revert the voice or come up with a better alternative.

I'm not known for my criticism of the devs, but this new voice is the worst thing to happen to Quake, ever. All the game play updates, all the changes I can live with. Some I've liked, some not so, but that voice has always been the link back to 1999.

As someone else noted, why fix something that wasn't broken? The original classic voice must be returned to the game ASAP. The new voice sounds terrible in comparison and really detracts from the in-game vibe.

The new announcer voice is completely distracting and is ruining the experience. I really liked the old one. Understand the desire to add new things like revenge and combo, but if that costs the announcer then its not worth it. whoever approved this change should be fired.

Id Software or Bethesda could contract Antkow only to re-do the voices (and to remember old times) instead of contracting a "professional voice actor", one of the things that made me to fall in love with Quake 3 and Quake Live was that kind of "satanic voice"

I urge all who feel as strong about this as me, to spread the word and fight for the cause. I recommend we also try to get in touch with "Xian" himself, and explain to him the issue. For someone who use to be the backbone of quake, he surely must understand the importance of this. FOR gaming, FOR the players, FOR QUAKE!

Christian Antkow
Xian's twitter:

Sincerly - A committed Quake player since the very beginning.

/ "miSc"