Hey all its been a while since we updated you on our progress. We added bunnyhopping into our game and greatly simplified the movement mechanics to execute it.

Our bunnyhopping system isn't going to be like the video in terms of how often you can use it and so on. We are going to add a cool down like wall slide, and if you turn too abruptly, you'll get knocked out. And we are working on solutions to encourage side dodging being more used than bunnyhopping. Bunnyhopping is more for shorter bursts rather than what the state of programming is at currently.

This solves the big UT2k4 issue of an overly defensive long range game. Players now can have the ability at the cost of energy usage to get in close range and deal some damage.

The textures are just placeholders for the time being. Prototype map is prototype.

Let us know your thoughts.

Thanks again for taking the time to watch our update and for supporting our game. :D