Are you satisfied by the current QL's netcode ?

I'm personally semi-satisfed. I like the fact that it's not like baseq3 or OSP/RA3 where low ping players had a serious advantage even over mid ping players.

But it's FAR from perfect.
Best ping range for hitscans (LG/MG) is probably between 35 and 45ms. With such a ping, it's basically easier to hit the opponent if the crosshair is right on him.
For projectiles weapons, the lower the better, because AFAIK there's no anti-lag/prediction for the projectiles.
For rail, well, it depends, sometimes you have your crosshair right on him but it doesn't hit still, and sometimes your crosshair is quite close to the hitbox and it's still a hit, and that no matter the ping range you play with.

If you have a ping above 80ms, AFAIK the anti-lag system "stops" working. So when you play with a high ping, there's no more antilag :/.
Timenudge and projectiles nudge can help in this case, but imho it's not as good as an anti-lag like in games like CPMA or... Warsow.

Pls, id, and especially SyncError, could you tell us if there are plans to modify the current quakelive's netcode ? A netcode like the one you can find in CPMA would be PERFECT.
CPMA's netcode is so perfect in many ways, and with such a netcode, some euros players could even play with the Americans because it would still be playable with a ping =~110ms.

Remember strenx vs jibo @ nodm9 CPMA/vq3 ? Strenx : 110ping, jibo : 18ms ping. And strenx managed to win and even outaim jibo in some cases :).