I've been watching Quake for 1 year now and decided ~ 2 weeks ago it was about time that I start to play myself.
I never touched any quake game - or similar before.
Basically I mostly played FFA, but I'm really only interested in Duel.
I'm not completely terrible http://www.quakelive.com/r/profile/summary/slized but as expected I'm basically only losing atm.

But honestly there most be some way to find appropiate opponents.
I'm sick of guys with months of time played and 40 % lg destroying me and calling me a noob in chat afterwards. That just sucks.
I played a ton of sc2 and LoL before so it's not like I'm new to shitts people flaming and being toxic but at least I was matched with people on my skill and had a realistic chance to have some fun.
I know from experience I will get better but getting stomped because there is no proper matchmaking system but that just makes it a horrible grind.

I really love quake and I'm actually quite shocked it's not a larger game but there must me some way (a website or something) to find matches that you can actually enjoy.