Scheduled: 13:00 CST, 8 December 2013 to 14:30 CST, 8 December 2013
Schedule: Passed

It's a great pleasure to announce the very first in a series of showmatches, which will promote the next duel event that will take place in 2014.

We will have a fantastic opportunity to see two players that have featured heavily in UT2004 over the years, namely Austria Falcon and Portugal Hypno, who have both approved the invitation to join division zero in the main duel tournament. Both have been relatively inactive in the competitive scene from around 2006, but after a number of years in retirement they have decided to pick their weapons up once more and join the battlefield! For laughs, for competition, for prizes – regardless of their reasons, it's a pleasure to see them playing once more.

Start: 13:00 CST, 8 December 2013 (Sunday)
Stream: Sweden Benczek at
Shout-casters: Belgium miNo, Poland ShX and France skAven
UTV: Germany mRd at

Good luck to the entrants and hopefully to see you either on stream or UTV or IRC.

Update: Due to personal problems of Hypno, the match is not going to happen tomorrow and will be scheduled on a different date. It's a sad message, due to fact that both players were hardly preparing (Proof #1 & Proof #2) last 2 weeks for the show-match. We are just hoping that everything is going to be fine at Gaspars side!

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