Probably a pretty niche topic but:

Just a small note to anyone who wants to stream quake as they play it. If you have a CPU that supports quicksync (i.e. i3-2100, i5-2600, i7-3770T) you can convert video with extremely low cpu usage by using:

This build of OBS (not made by me):

And enabling Quick Sync in the options.

For me personally:

Before: OBS CPU Usage (while streaming) - 20% (on i7 3770T)
After: OBS CPU Usage (while streaming with quicksync) - 3%

Total cpu usage before: 40% (Game + Streaming)
Total cpu usage after: 19% (Game + Streaming)

I expect quicksync means that a cpu such as an i3 can comfortably play quakelive and stream at the same time. If anyone can test it that would be nice!